the House on the Rock

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5754 State Road 23, Spring Green, WI, USA
(608) 935-3639
the House on the Rock - Overlooking a room of self-playing musical contraptions.
the House on the Rock - Overlooking a room of self-playing musical contraptions.
the House on the Rock - animal from the non-horse carousel.
the House on the Rock - One of two life sized elephants.
the House on the Rock - a closer view of one of about 500 lifesize, scantily clad 'angels' suspended from the ceiling.
the House on the Rock - One of the inside fireplaces actually used for the cooking (he had a fully functioning kitchen).
the House on the Rock - one of a massive and ancient gun collection some dating back to the 1700's.

the House on the Rock Spring Green Reviews

sweetsummerdaiz sweetsum…
154 reviews
Interesting, Freaky, Odd, and a Must See Aug 28, 2009
This place certainly summons intrigue! People who have seen this House on the Rock would agree.... the man who built it was a strange dude and the guy bought it after Alex Jordan died is even weirder!

What started out as a cool concept, a home was built of jagged stones on top of a cliff, turned into a cross between a fetish and an obsession. Ultra low ceilings (I'm 5'0" and hit my head in places), dark and dusty, this home must have been so fascinating to watch being built.

After the completion of the house the owner chose to build additional wings/warehouses to store and display his freakish collections of player pianos and a variety of self-playing contraction musical instruments.

His collection went on to display an impressive collection of ancient guns, dolls (I never saw a man obsessed with dolls before), dollhouses, fake royal jewelry replicas, clocks, bells, circus miniatures, and carousel horses. Though the largest carousel in the world is indoors here and humongous, it is populated with everything else except horses. Many of the animals look satanic and evil. The horses he has collected are mounted to the 40' walls in columns and they are all positioned to be looking down at the visitors. Additionally, he also suspended life-sized "angels" from the ceiling also looking down at visitors..... simply weird.

Part of his parade collection also features 2 life-size elephants with circus performers standing on top of them...... HUGE. The scale of all of this is just overwhelming.

It is a once in a lifetime thing to see even though it is really peculiar.

With the bad economy rates have plummeted for this attraction. In 2007 1 section of the tour was $28, but now you can see all 3 sections for the same price and any unused section ticket is valid for 1 year (great deal!)
One of the inside fireplaces actua…
Overlooking a room of self-playing…
kitchen. The only 2 lights built i…
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Emilybsh Emilybsh
1 reviews
Jan 10, 2008
Most people have never heard of the House on the Rock. Those who haven't heard of it or haven't been there don't know what they're missing! This place is insane! It was built by an eccentric collector named Alex Jordan. He first built a house....on a rock, of course. He plopped the house right on top of the rock which is ironic because right down the road is Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. Wright was opposed to building on top of hills and mountains because then you could no longer see the hill or mountain. Anyway, the house is pretty strange in itself but the real attraction is the huge warehouses housing his enormous collections. There are collections of circus miniatures, doll houses, carousel horses, strange vehicles, model ships, all sorts of things. There's also a huge indoor carousel with every animal imaginable but not a single horse. In this room are also mannequins dressed as angels hanging from the ceilings and walls. It's quite creepy. My favorite part is the huge musical machines that are virtually giant music boxes. they have various themes. The finale is a full orchestra of mannequins "playing" instruments that actually play themselves. There are tons of things I've left out and you'll have to go there to fully experience it anyway. Words and photographs can't begin to describe this place adequately. You must experience it.
bkretzer says:
Hi Emily-Is this the place that has the glass/clear walkway? I remember a co-worker mentioning that was kind of freaky.
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
ladysquirrel ladysqui…
1 reviews
Tourist place in the middle of nowhere! Jun 18, 2008
This place was more of a twisted minded person's fun house. Go to see it once, for the sake of curiosity. It cost 2 people $50 to see all 3 tours. The house was dark and had low ceilings. The Infinity room offered a great view of the countryside, but it was a bit scary when people walked on it because the floor swayed with each step.

The rest of the tour was a collection of antiques. Dolls (creepy), dolls on a 3 story carousel, a replica of an old town, doll houses, ship models, an organ room (the type that plays music not body parts thank goodness!) The (supposedly) largest Carousel was housed there, costing what they claim was 4.8 million. It was beautiful, but of course being an antique and of such value you cannot ride it.

Parts of it were under construction: they were adding on a garden and who knows what else!

On the highway there is a scenic overlook that you take a short walk to where you can see the infinity room sticking out for photos.

Not much further is Frank Lloyd Wright's Taleisen. Unfortunately, I was not able to stop in and see what a real home looks like!

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