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mdfehmel mdfehmel
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The Dead Sea Apr 23, 2014
I've been to Israel twice now. Although I travel there on business and stay in Tel Aviv, it has become tradition that I leave a day or 2 on the back end of the trip for sight-seeing. On my first trip I was able to see the entire norther border, the Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem. On this second trip we spent my free day down at the Dead Sea. So called because it is completely devoid of life due to the heightened salt content associated with it's extreme low altitude (1400' / 247m below sea level). About a 2 hour drive from central Tel Aviv, there are 2 ways to get there - one is the quick way which is the highway past Jerusalem; the other is the scenic route through the desert. We opted to make the complete loop, coming in from the north via the highway and returning from the south through the desert. Unfortunately the day we made the journey wasn't quite swimming weather (afterall it was the beginning of January), so at barely 65 deg F, our plunge would be a quick one. Swimming in the Dead Sea is the major draw for 2 big reasons: for one, the high salt content makes the water extremely dense making items (to include the human body) very boyant. As a matter of fact it takes little to no effort at all to "swim" in the Dead Sea. In actuality you FLOAT in the Dead Sea - you do not swim. It is quite painful to get the water in your eyes so floating is done on your back as if you were in a reclining chair. The second big draw to the Dead Sea is the abundance of nutrients in the water. People with various skin condidtions such as eczema, flock to the Dead Sea for its theraputic effects. Even for those with perfectly healthy skin, the water also provides a natural spa treatment of sorts. The mud from its sea floor as well as other minerals evaporated from the water are sold all over the world as health and beauty products (there are many stores nearby selling these products at discount prices). I did my "swim" at one of the several pay beaches. Most if not all of these facilities have changing rooms and showers available so you can change into and out of your bathing suit on site. After I made my way down the rocky hill, I slowly entered the water careful not to fall in; the bottom is uneven and had many sharp rocks - a fall could cause your head to submerge getting the salts in your eyes which I could imagine is not comfortable. I only stayed in for a few minutes since it was just not quite warm enough for my tastes to stay in for a prolonged period. After I got out, I had a slippery, oily film on my skin that took a good 15 minutes to evaporate leaving behind a coating of pure white salt that could be brushed off with my towel. I then took a shower, changed back in to my clothes and sat down in the outdoor cafe to enjoy a couple local beers and take in the beautiful vistas.
The Dead Sea from the Israel side.
A beach at the Dead Sea (from the …
A beach at the Dead Sea (from the …
A beach at the Dead Sea (from the …
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rutyv1 rutyv1
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one of the dead sea attraction Jun 25, 2011
Ein Gedi Hot Springs

A holistic experience of mind, body and nature ....

Six thermo mineral hot pools, spa treatments and including exfoliation, mud treatments and more.

Freshwater pools in the summer

Corners of the famous mud spreading its healing qualities.

Getting to the beach by train from the main and back. Cosmetology shop with products from the Dead Sea.
rachrmn rachrmn
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The dead sea Jun 24, 2008
The dead sea is somewhere i have always wanted to go.. While having a beach holiday in Taba on the Israeli border, my two friends and I decided on getting off the beach and doing a trip into Israel.. Going through passport control and Customs was an experience in itself! we got the bus very early in the morning and standing in long queues for the next hour or so ensued.. With passport in hands we were away.. After a brief interogation with some burly female Israeli customs officials we were in israel.. We drove through into Eilat and then to the dead Sea..

It was in november so it wasnt too hot although pleasant enough compared to scottish weather!!

Changed into our bathing gear at a horrible and dirty toilet facility located behind the Dead Sea Spa Shop...

Going into the water was amazing and floating was the best ever!! I wanted to stay in it all day!!! My skin was so smooth and clean feeling..

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