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travel review from Pisa, Italy
updated 5 days ago
Contrary to many churches in Pisa, this one has no shiny facade and no white marble on the outside. It mainly consists of dark stones, maintaining its original medieval exterior. The church was built from 1087 on and consecrated in …
travel blog from Chengdu, China
updated 5 days ago
Sichuan is famous for its pandas and spicy food, but what impressed me most about this ancient Chinese province was its beautiful scenery (mostly covered by cloudy skies when I visited), and its friendly people. Nobody can stay lonely for …
travel blog from Doha, Qatar
updated 5 days ago
I have actually lost count of how many times we have been to Qatar, but, despite a multitude of visits, I have only just added it to my countries I have visited list. Why? Because we have just constantly transited …
travel review from Doha, Qatar
updated 5 days ago
We found this hotel to be friendly and clean. It was conveniently located for sightseeing. Breakfast was excellent and the hotel had a lovely pool. There is a restaurant here that sells alcohol.
travel review from Chengdu, China
updated 5 days ago
This hotel is nice enough, especially for the price. We paid 300 rmb per night, which is the equivalent of $25 per person. The staff were friendly and helpful, the breakfast was quite good, also. The location was great, located …
travel blog from Zhangjiajie, China
updated 5 days ago
We started off our trip from Zhangjiajie city. It wasn't hard to find the cable car entrance, as the line goes right over the road where our hotel was located! We left our luggage at the hotel front desk, but …
travel review from Wroclaw, Poland
updated 5 days ago
The Hala Targowa, market hall, was built in 1908 on the site of an old armoury. Three canon balls embedded in a wall of the tall clock tower remind us that there once stood an arsenal in this place. The …
travel list with 6 items
updated 5 days ago
updated 5 days ago
I have completed Amazon . Will keep u posted with a blog
travel blog from Euless, Texas
updated 5 days ago
It's been a little over a month since I've moved here to Dallas (Euless) and it's been good. Unfortunately though, my apartment wasn't ready so I had to stay in an AirBnB for three weeks until it was. The neighborhood …
travel review from Izu, Japan
updated 5 days ago
Marukyu Ryokan is a very tranquil and relaxing 4 Star hotel located in rural Izu, Japan. It has a classic Japanese appeal in its setting and surroundings. My wife and I had a plan to stay here for the night …
travel blog from Izu, Japan
updated 5 days ago
Heading south and then east. I decided to unconventionally go east to Japan instead of westward from Brazil. It made for a pretty exhausting trip. Now I am in Japan resettling my life after my time in the service.
travel review from Brunswick, Maine
updated 5 days ago
For a minimal upcharge to your admission for the Chamberlain House, you can also enjoy another journey into the past. The Skolfield-Whittier House is an easy quarter mile walk from the Chamberlain House and while none of its inhabitants were …
travel review from Voss, Norway
updated 5 days ago
Upon arrival, the first thing we did was eat dinner at the hostel. Everyone was served minced beef + shredded cheese + tortilla plus soup. Food was simple yet delicious. As I skipped lunch, I requested a second serving which …
travel review from Gjovik, Norway
updated 6 days ago
Stepping into the big, upscale-looking lobby gave me a good impression about this hotel. After staying in hostels for the past 7 days, I was glad to finally stay in a proper 4 star hotel. The room and bathroom were …
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