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travel review from Iseo, Italy
updated 11 hours ago
On our second visit to Monte Isola we went by ferry from Iseo to Sensole. This is a tiny place nestling under a castle perched on its hill. There is a little island offshore and there is a scenic walk …
travel list with 3 items
updated 12 hours ago
travel blog from Europe
updated 12 hours ago
Locomotive Engines are important to my way of travel.  I travel mainly by train, all over Europe. This Blog is therfore mainly for photos, if i can find them in my computor. Engines vary from country to country,some could be …
travel review from Tongeren, Belgium
updated 12 hours ago
Tongeren is a nice little town in Belguim, a great place to stroll around, or take a Belguim beer at one of the many cafes and bars. Tongeren is the oldest town in Belguim, in history it goes back to …
travel review from Manila, Philippines
updated 12 hours ago
NEW NAME AND NEW OWNER! Wanderers Guesthouse, the place changed owner and is now called Wanderers Guesthouse, still resonable. Rooms from € 14, dorm from € 6. There is also a bar and a restaurant (nice cheese and tomato omelet …
updated 12 hours ago
The Duchess Pension has tiny but clean rooms from 200 Pesos, aircon from 750 Pesos, free wifi in the reception / dining area, breakfast (American and Philippine dishes) is available but not included. Very close to the city center. Address: …
travel review from Almaty, Kazakhstan
updated 12 hours ago
The Hello Hostel is a new and efficient run hostel in the center of Almaty, the manager speaks quite good English and is very helpful. You can order pizza or sushi from the above restaurants in case it is to …
travel review from Dushanbe, Tajikistan
updated 13 hours ago
The place is very clean, nice bathroom, dorms only, $ 17 if you book online (same price as the other hostel Yeti), almost walking distance to the airport. Free coffee and tea all day good atmosphere. Difficult to find, go …
travel review from Brussels, Belgium
updated 13 hours ago
Looking for a filling delicious meal at an affordable price then this thai is ideal situated in the vibrant square of Saint Boniface. I have eaten here 3 times and will keep returning for some good food and good service. …
travel blog from Brussels, Belgium
updated 13 hours ago
Presently in 2016-2017 I work for a Belgium company so am able to combine city trips with business I will attach reviews to each place I visit with a short blog.
travel blog from Auckland Harbor, New Zealand
updated 14 hours ago
As the ferry makes its way back to the Auckland it become apparent how the city has gotten its nick name the city of sails. The ferry has to slow down since we have to pass a lot of sailboats …
travel blog from Paris, France
updated 14 hours ago
So as Paris, like Rome, is a very well documented city and I did mainly tourist things, I'm not going to go into much detail on that, bar that my hotel was next to the Arc and on the main …
travel review from Osaka, Japan
updated 14 hours ago
The hotel Toyota has tiny room with TV and Wifi, shared bathroom and no heathing (usual in cheap hotels in Japan) and the bed is very hard (also usual in Japanese hotels) from 1500 Yen (about € 12, less then …
travel blog from Osaka, Japan
updated 14 hours ago
The Kansai Thru Pass (Suruttu Kansai magnetic card) is a exzellent Pass if you travel between Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Koyasan, Kobe, Himeji...2 or 3 day's (don't have to Be consecutive), 4000 and 5200 Yen, private trainlines, subway's, buses and cablecars …
travel list with 8 items
updated 15 hours ago
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