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travel blog from Madrid, Spain
updated 18 hours ago
I love food. It's easily the number one reason I travel. It's what I plan the most, and what I look forward to the most. Unfortunately, when I eat, especially while abroad, I get so excited about the food I …
travel blog from Thunder Bay, Canada
updated 20 hours ago
Stuck out at Sea  -  How To Do Laundry when Travellling Wine In Napa Valley California  Why You need a Passport to Travel  Ways to Get Sick in Travel  Good Source for Maps  Cruises For Cheap Funny Travel Complaints …
travel blog from Canada
updated 20 hours ago
Welcome to the Web Series of ExcitingWorldTravel. New Web Series Will be Posted on here about Travel. Videos of profiles of my travels and other promotions and stories. I am open to offering anyone on here to be in the …
travel blog from Sao Tome and Principe
updated 21 hours ago
The plane to São Tomé had a stopover in Libreville, the transfer from the airport was included (a Airbnb accommodation). The Immigration insisted on seeing my accommodation and had a bit of a problem with my Airbnb, but finally managed …
travel blog from Bucharest, Romania
updated 23 hours ago
Transylvania (and Count Dracula) here I come...
travel review from South Portland, Maine
updated 1 day ago
Not the greatest Holiday Inn Express I ever stayed at. Check-in was inexplicably troublesome. Being a Gold Preferred member and booking through their web site, it seems reasonable to expect a painless process, but apparently their web site charged me …
travel blog from South Portland, Maine
updated 1 day ago
After bidding adieu to Ed and Kathleen I departed Bowdoinham continued south.  Tonight was going to be great fun – scored a pair of tickets to see Tony Bennett perform at Merrill Auditorium.  Tony is 91 years old, so I …
travel review from Dubrovnik, Croatia
updated 1 day ago
I stayed in Hotel Kompas twice, once in the Autumn and next time after seven months, in summer. It is situated in the Lapad peninsula just in front of a public pebble beach. Speaking about the beach I must say …
travel blog from Majorda Beach, India
updated 1 day ago
Another lazy day in Goa...jumping in and out of the pool, borrowing the hotel’s bikes and riding to a fish restaurant, Zeebop, on the beach, where I ordered a giant crab, and then realized that we’d only taken a little …
travel review from Monastir, Tunisia
updated 1 day ago
For my summer holiday in Tunisia 2016 I chose the El Mouradi Skanes Hotel. The hotel is situated just at the Skanes beach, between Monastir and Sousse. It is only fifteen minutes away from the airport in Monastir. The area …
travel blog from Monastir, Tunisia
updated 1 day ago
 For detailed informations about the hotel, please read my review. The hotel has two restaurants and two bars. In the restaurant Margeurite a guest can have a dinner only once in a week ( with obligatorious reservation).  An animation team …
travel list with 6 items
updated 1 day ago
The most interesting places I have visited in Albania
travel review from Durres, Albania
updated 1 day ago
I liked to walk in the evening and to search for a place where to sit and try something sweet. Pasticeri Cialda seemed attractive to me looking from outside, that I decided to enter. It was a very cozy place, …
travel blog from Durres, Albania
updated 1 day ago
Exhausted of driving we spend the afternoon resting in the hotel room, and in the evening we went to explore the town. About 9p.m. we had a supper in a restaurant by the waterfront. We ordered  two pieces of sea …
travel review from Durres, Albania
updated 1 day ago
Hotel Vivas is located at the beach south of the town port, in the hotels' zone. It is surrounded by the private garden and the high staircase share it from the reception hall. There is only one computer for guests …
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