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updated 14 minutes ago
The fort Vranduk is located approximately 14 kilometers downstream from the town of Zenica, on a cliff above the river Bosna.In the Middle Ages Vranduk as one of royal towns was the seat of the Bosnian King Stjepan Ostoja and …
travel review from Stratford-upon-Avon, England
updated 38 minutes ago
We stopped off in Stratford on our way up to Scotland for stretching the legs and a bite to eat. Not far from the motorway and I'd never been there.Of course well known as being Shakespeare's birthplace, it does have …
travel review from Ramsgate, England
updated 1 hour ago
If I have mastered this website in any way, shape or form this review will be attached to a journal entry for 3rd October 2017 where I had taken myself for a bit of an exploration of Ramsgate and had …
travel blog from Ramsgate, England
updated 1 hour ago
Apologies to whatever readers there may be of my meagre submissions here but the vagaries of this website mean that I have to create a new entry for the second portion of my day in order for the attached reviews …
travel blog from Dublin, Ireland
updated 3 hours ago
Arrival in Dublin was in mid-morning, allowing us to observe as Caribbean Princess made her way up Dublin Bay. There is no passenger cruise terminal at the Port of Dublin, so the ship docked at a cargo pier near the …
travel blog from Florence, Italy
updated 4 hours ago
After breakfast on our terrace, we walked to the Sant'Ambrogio farmers' market in the Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, where we bought fresh fruit and vegetables for next to nothing. One farmer was busy arranging the porcini he had picked that morning. Just …
travel review from York, England
updated 5 hours ago
The York Art Gallery is a public art gallery with a collection of paintings from 14th-century to contemporary, prints, watercolours, drawings, and ceramics. The gallery was originally created as the home for the second Yorkshire Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition …
travel blog from Flehingen, Germany
updated 6 hours ago
The village in the Kraichgau hills that is now named „Flehingen“ actually consists of two separate villages: Flehingen and Sickingen. In the 1930s they were united and Sickingen lost its name. Each of the two was owned by a noble …
travel review from Florence, Italy
updated 7 hours ago
Excellent apartment 10 minutes' walk from Santa Croce and 20 minutes to the centre of the city.
travel blog from Liechtenstein
updated 7 hours ago
Call it vanity! The only ever reason I wanted to visit Liechtenstein was because I just wanted to tick another off the list. And I successfully did in the most painless way. I spent only about 1hr+ here. So what …
travel list with 7 items
updated 7 hours ago
One of my favorite towns is Barcelona, a lot to see, great food and nightlive.
travel list with 12 items
updated 7 hours ago
From the 1920 on Art Deco, particular in Miami Beach and Napier, and Moderne became popular
travel list with 19 items
updated 7 hours ago
There are a lot of places in the vicinety of Vienna, and with good transportation also further you can do daytrips.
travel review from Bratislava, Slovakia
updated 7 hours ago
Bratislava is a very easy daytrip from Vienna. See the easy to walk Old Town, the Castle, the Blue Church and some other Jugendstil buildings and some of the weird Soviet buildings. By frequent buses from € 5 (online booking) …
travel review from Bratislava, Slovakia
updated 8 hours ago
In communist times there where several unusual building built in Bratislava- One of them is the Slovenský rozhlas, Slovak radio building, it is shaped like an inverted pyramid, the project began in 1967 and was finished in 1983 and is …
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