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travel blog from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
updated 1 minute ago
Après un court passage au Québec, dans le froid polaire, nous repartons pour des lieux plus chauds : la Thaïlande, le Cambodge et le Vietnam sont au programme.
travel blog from Italy
updated 4 minutes ago
When it comes to hacking slash games for phones, there are plenty of options available. But not all of them manage to scratch that God of War itch that most people crave for from these games. Click here
updated 48 minutes ago
Bassano del Grappa is a town in northern Italy. It is located some 35 km a north east of Vicenza and 43 km north of Padua. This town is known for a covered bridge, for grappa, the locally produced ceramics …
travel review from Rimini, Italy
updated 1 hour ago
101 Corso Vulpitta Dolciumi is a small shop with a large choice of items. Here they sell coffee and teas; candies, chocolates; alcoholic drinks as gin, whiskey, wodka, champagne and grappa. They also have pasta (noodles) and cookies. I think …
travel review from Valencia, Spain
updated 1 hour ago
This is one of the oldest food markets in Europe. It was built in modernist style between 1910 and 1928. It is a very large structure made of glass and iron. In fact, it covers an area of over eighty …
travel review from Levico Terme, Italy
updated 1 hour ago
This beautiful Christmas market is held in a big park; Parco degli Asburgo. Usually here you can find around 40 wooden houses where you can buy some tipical food, Christmas decorations for your house or a small present. As at …
travel review from Levico Terme, Italy
updated 1 hour ago
This is an event to welcome spring. It is usually held at the end of april at the Parco Asburgico. Its highlight is a series of compositions of orchards - gardens. These are around 30. Various associations, gardeners, schools and …
travel blog from Milford Sound, New Zealand
updated 3 hours ago
Een nieuwe week weer vol met nieuwe avonturen, weer wat beweging en heel veel reserveringen die helemaal mis gingen. Vanaf December tot en met Maart is het hier hoogseizoen. En dat is niet zo gek. Heerlijke tempraturen om te wandelen, …
travel blog from Lake Matheson, New Zealand
updated 3 hours ago
So where to begin. It has been a couple of years since Iast wrote a blog, so I probabaly need some getting into again. What do I want to tell you guys? Do I even have enough interesting adventures to …
travel blog from Rovenki, Ukraine
updated 3 hours ago
I had visited this city before, but I have never spent four days in the city, like I did last time. I was there in 1998 with my Austrian partners who had paid several visits to Rovenki within the framework …
travel blog from Tel Aviv Airport, Israel
updated 12 hours ago
So, the usual adage should come to mind - I hate early morning departures. Surprisingly, this was a different experience. I slept fairly well the previous night (5 hours is good enough), woke up around 3am which is when the …
travel review from Tel Aviv Airport, Israel
updated 12 hours ago
For an airport that attracts so many high flying business travellers (mainly due to the excellent technology and biotech companies), its appalling how 3rd world their airport lounges are. DAN Lounge operates 2 lounges in Tel Aviv airport, with airlines …
travel blog from Leiden, Netherlands
updated 15 hours ago
I had good food, drink, and a nice rest; so I was full of "spit & vinager " and ready to scoot on in Leiden. After seeing familiar places I had unfinished business in De Burch. This was my second …
updated 16 hours ago
Óbidos is located on a hill and the old town is still completely encircled by a fortified wall. The place has been around for a long time, the name Óbidos is probably derived from the Latin term oppidum, which means …
travel review from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 16 hours ago
I' d recommend a day trip to Mafra. There is a huge palace to visit there. This palace was built by king Joao V between 1717 and 1730. Part of the building was also a monastery. Here you can visit …
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