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updated 1 minute ago
While everyone was quick to leave Petropavlovsk the next day after the big adventures, we had two and a half day to spare due to no seat on the Saturday flight and no flight on Sunday. It could be a …
travel review from Reykjavik, Iceland
updated 2 minutes ago
We stayed twice at Hotel Fron during our visit to Iceland for a total of 3 nights. The hotel was clean, comfortable, and located at a prime location on Reykjavik high street "Laugavegur". We stayed in a twin room which …
travel blog from Inle Lake, Myanmar
updated 5 minutes ago
We're in Nyaungshwe, the town at the top end of Inle (or Inlay - spellings very here) Lake in the Shan Province of Central Myanmar, when we experience the first power outage of our trip.  Reputation has is that power cuts are …
travel blog from Grindavík, Iceland
updated 1 hour ago
Our last full day in Iceland  ***sigh*** Everyone arose lazily and grabbed swimwear before heading back to Súfistinn for breakfast.  Straight from here we drove towards Grindavík for a hot date with BlueLagoon in gray weather which bothered us not …
travel review from Antalya, Turkey
updated 1 hour ago
We needed a hotel for the few days before going to, and coming back from Cappadocia so we ended up at Lara Hadrianus Hotel, One night on arrival in Turkey and two nights after our Cappadocia trip. This hotel is …
travel blog from Delft, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
Travels through The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium in fall 2014.
travel blog from Calibishie, Dominica
updated 2 hours ago
After spending only a week on this amazing island earlier in the year I really wanted to come back and explore it more. I decided to volunteer at a summer camp program. I met some great new friends and together …
travel review from Grindavík, Iceland
updated 2 hours ago
Yeah, everyone says the man-made Blue Lagoon is pricey and not as awesome as neighboring geothermal spas. The reputation is a bit too large to ignore, however, so we jumped into the icon with both feet. There is a bountiful …
travel blog from Kathmandu, Nepal
updated 4 hours ago
Happy Tihar! A very fun holiday around here! Yesterday after work, Mike and I went to Swayambhunath and then came to Nima's Guest House for dinner. It was so delicious! after dinner we went just around the block to a …
travel blog from Ecuador
updated 4 hours ago
Our next port of call is Espanola, a full nights sail away on our boat which has started to list to starboard. I have started to check the emergency equipment on board. Life jackets etc and I'm not impressed. Many …
travel blog from Wavine Cyrique, Dominica
updated 6 hours ago
I love this island so I keep coming back! I think during the four years I was living in the Caribbean I spent about three months here. If you like nature and hiking and you like tropical weather, you will …
travel blog from Agra, India
updated 6 hours ago
Traversing the countries of Asia mostly on back packing!
travel review from Fira, Greece
updated 12 hours ago
We got this place on TripAdvisor last minute (off-season, in October, when we realized we didn't reserve a hotel for enough nights!), and they couldn't be more gracious and helpful. We checked in after dark, and the desk agent was …
travel blog from Fira, Greece
updated 12 hours ago
Patty and Morgan spend two weeks in a rented villa in Marathon, Greece with the whole crazy family to celebrate the Lunds' 50th anniversary, then a peaceful week (without the family) on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.
travel review from Iran
updated 14 hours ago
Visiting the Golestan Palace was breathtaking. The grounds are like an oasis in the midst of Tehran, a large busy capital city. Unfortunately, the main mansion of the palace prohibited picture taking however the best way to describe it is …
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