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travel blog from Dingle, Ireland
updated 41 minutes ago
For today the South Korean girl and I planned to rent bicycles and ride over the Dingle Peninsula. First in the morning we had our breakfast at the hostel before we were going to search for a place to rent …
travel blog from Maastricht, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
Our first family of 3 holiday :).
travel review from Gouda, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
My aunt my niece and I have a tradition. A couple of times a year we come together and have diner. Diner at a lovely place located in Gouda. This time we went to: bij ons (translation with us). Situated …
travel blog from Gouda, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
Al about our short trips and day visits in 2015
travel blog from Istanbul, Turkey
updated 2 hours ago
I have always wanted to travel to Turkey since first laying eyes on a photograph of the Blue Mosque
travel blog from Ouro Preto, Brazil
updated 2 hours ago
Last night was a long one with lots of beer, singing and dancing! Today we took our time in the morning. The travels continued to other places than just Rio de Janeiro. We were going to travel with six. Caminito, …
travel blog from Istanbul, Turkey
updated 2 hours ago
Four hours and a half was the time between me and Istanbul, butterflies in my stomach I boarded the Turkish airlines flight from Dammam heading to Istanbul. I was so excited I felt that the flight took forever to reach …
travel review from Yulara, Australia
updated 3 hours ago
Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge If you are traveling to Uluru then choose of hotels or guest house is very limited, so considering my budget and outdoor activities I planned to perform played a role selecting this Outback Pioneer Lodge. …
travel review from Penang, Malaysia
updated 4 hours ago
Featured in the 16th season of “The Amazing Race” and 4th season of “The Amazing Race Asia”, the Pinang Peranakan Mansion is a typical home of the wealthy Peranakan people. So who are the Peranakan? They are the descendants of …
travel blog from Cairo, Egypt
updated 4 hours ago
It's nearly 5am by the time we get back to the hotel after our cruise. So after a long lay in we head up to the executive club for a late breakfast.  It's a great view of the Nile from …
updated 5 hours ago
Working trip to Uganda. As an experiment, this will be the travel blog and- as this is a work trip- I'll also be blogging work things on Wordpress and cross-posting links. This one will be more fun, and this one …
travel review from Trento, Italy
updated 7 hours ago
This hostel is perfectly located, in the old center of town, just by the Bus Terminal and Train station. It has a cold feel to it. Plane room, spacious and big, but no decoration on the walls or in rooms. …
travel review from Cairo, Egypt
updated 8 hours ago
A beautiful Hotel in Central Cairo right next to the Nile River on Zamalek Island. A converted 19th Century Palace with two modern Tower blocks added. Highly recommend the JW Steakhouse Restaurant. Great rooms with a Nile River view.
travel review from Zrece, Slovenia
updated 8 hours ago
This Hotel and Spa is located in town of Zrece, about an hour away from Ljubljana, and 40 minutes from ski resort Rogla. Hotel rooms are big, spacious, new and modern with all the toiletries and things you need. Some …
travel review from Cambridge, England
updated 11 hours ago
This is probably the most popular museum in Cambridge with an impressive collection of paintings and artefacts. I asked my hostel to recommend a museum and this is the one they suggested. It's free to get in so worth popping …
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