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travel blog from Jungholz, Austria
updated 1 hour ago
Our friend Felix, who had taken us to Neuwschwanstein Castle, decided he would take us to Austria on our way back to Kempten, and he did it. Soon we reached Sonthofen and arrived to the village of Jungholz, a tiny part …
travel blog from Florence, Italy
updated 2 hours ago
After breakfast on our terrace, we walked to the Sant'Ambrogio farmers' market in the Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, where we bought fresh fruit and vegetables for next to nothing. One farmer was busy arranging the porcini he had picked that morning. Just …
travel review from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 2 hours ago Me and my boyfriend has started a youtube channel on or trip around Thailand. If you want tips or advice on what to do in Thailand, subscribe to our channel and join us on our next adventures :D In …
travel blog from Chiang Mai, Thailand
updated 3 hours ago
First big trip of 2016
travel blog from Brasov, Romania
updated 11 hours ago
One week tour with G Adventures through Transylvania with quick visits to Amsterdam and Bulgaria
travel blog from Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan
updated 16 hours ago
Taiwan 2017 - 2018
travel review from Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
updated 22 hours ago
Bolero in Doboj is not a music or music bar then very popular discount store. It is a synonym for cheap drinks here. Here you will find lots of brands of water, beverages any kind of sodas, alcohol, and beers. …
travel blog from Kyiv, Ukraine
updated 23 hours ago
The name Ukraine appeared first in the chronicles of 1187. The name itself means settled virgin land. The Ukrainians were the people who "ukrayaly", that is, took plots of virgin land and settled them. Ukraine is known for its hospitable …
travel blog from Cozumel, Mexico
updated 1 day ago
Day 6 – Uvas Beach, Cozumel, Mexico This cruise was booked rather last minute, so I did not quite take care of all legs. I had so wanted to do cave spelunking at Rio Secreto and see the stalactites and …
travel review from Belgrade, Serbia
updated 1 day ago
Original name of this museum is Istorijski muzej Srbije but used to be known as Historical Museum of Yugoslavia. In both case it was and it is a central national museum of history. It is just one of many museums …
travel blog from Ercolano, Italy
updated 1 day ago
Today it is Ssunday, not just a Sunday as every Sunday. No, it is the first Sunday of the month. In Italy it means all museums are for free. My plan was to get up as early as possible so …
travel review from Hakone, Japan
updated 1 day ago
We had dinner here on the recommendation of our tour guide Andrew on our evening in the Hakone region. With 14 in our group we had to pre-order but that wasn't a problem as the guest house where we were …
travel review from Hakone, Japan
updated 1 day ago
Even if you don't have any special interest in modern art or in sculpture, which is the focus for this museum, it is still worth coming here for the marvellous setting. Works by Henry Moore, Picasso, Antony Gormley, Rodin, Miro, …
travel review from Hakone, Japan
updated 1 day ago
We took quite a few buses while staying in this area. The most useful services seemed to be the T, which we took from and to Odewara (and in the evening when going out for dinner at Daichi, just a …
travel blog from Boston, Massachusetts
updated 1 day ago
December 11, 2017 I fell asleep with my glasses on and iPad in my hand but my sleep was very restless. Nightmares, three of them, had me up several times during the night,  Richard, the driver, knocked on my door, …
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