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travel blog from Nürnberg, Germany
updated 21 minutes ago
Leaving Kirchleus we drove to Nürnberg and walked through their Christmas market but, compared to others it was not as good.  Looked to us a lot more commercial. I'm afraid that if we'd visited the markets by river cruise, this …
travel blog from Kathmandu, Nepal
updated 40 minutes ago
shit - my call time with my sherpa boys was at 6am but i was already up at 4am! ate breakfast of loaves, bananas and mango juice. my heart was pumping - coz im going to ride the "death bus" …
travel review from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 1 hour ago
YHA Lisbon Centre, known domestically as "Pousadas de Jouventede" is located "near" the heart of the Old Town. I use the word "near" in double quotes because the website descriptions will have you believe that it's a walk away from …
travel blog from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 1 hour ago
This blog picks up from my French Riviera blog. I took the late Easyjet flight from Nice to Lisbon. It was my first time on Easyjet and I was impressed: comfy seats and punctual which is what I'd expect out …
travel review from Amsterdam, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
Day three in Amsterdam was different cuz we went alone with no Travbuddy guide. From Central Station we took a tram to near the guardens and zoo. We first visited the Botanical Guardens and walked around seeing the beautiful and …
travel blog from Amsterdam, Netherlands
updated 1 hour ago
We got off our cruise ship Prinsendam. I goofed with our airlines reservations leaving us five days in Amsterdam with nothing to do. I am a country boy and hate all the large cities in my USA. I had a …
updated 2 hours ago
We had a very good time in Christiansted walking the outside of the large landscaped yellow fort. At my last photo of the fort they had a smaller wall with a heavy iron gate with Sylvia outside. Look at the …
updated 3 hours ago
We were hoping to make port on Celebrity Summit at Christiansted but landed in Frederiksted instead. We hired a taxi at $33/hour (for a three hour minimum). We drove to Christiansted by way of the North Shore Road (hwy. 80) …
travel blog from Mexico, Mexico
updated 4 hours ago
A fantastic trip starting off in Mexico City heading south to the caribean and all the way back again. Driving in total 5500 km and living so many different amazing experiences in this great country Mexico.  From the 22nd November …
travel blog from Ninh Binh, Vietnam
updated 4 hours ago
Ok, disclaimer first. This legend of the golden sword is based on the Korean urban variety show "Running Man". During on of their episode, the show went to Vietnam and the cast followed the story of the Golden Sword by …
travel blog from alps, France
updated 6 hours ago
Solo 19 day trip hut to hut from Chamonix to Zermatt 26th Aug - 16th Sept 2010.
travel blog from Incheon, South Korea
updated 6 hours ago
Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia,located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. It is the highest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range and is the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago. In …
travel blog from Big Sur, California
updated 8 hours ago
Last time I was in California was our first time so we spent time seeing the sites of San Francisco and visiting my friend Myshel then spent the remainder of the time in Yosemite NP. This time we were going …
travel blog from Machu Picchu, Peru
updated 10 hours ago
Aguas Calientes is not as touristic because it is such a great town. No, it is because of the mysterious Inca ruines of Machu Picchu, which is almost around the corner. Probably I do not need to tell that Machu …
travel blog from Khajjiar, India
updated 10 hours ago
During Dusshehra festival of 2014 i had an opportunity to visit the holy town of dharamsala where i could see the temple of dalai lama.
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