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travel blog from Bohol, Philippines
updated 51 minutes ago
Our company accepts volunteer worker every year. And part of making his stay memorable, I decided a weekend getaway to destress and enjoy nature's beauty at Dimiao, Bohol. We then visited a waterfalls. The place is called Pahangog Twin Falls. …
travel review from Midleton, Ireland
updated 3 hours ago
I paid sixty euro a night for small, ensuite room. I liked almost everything. Very friendly and helpful host, Maria. Superb breakfast. Great central location but quiet. Great common areas in hostel eg breakfast room and common living room. In …
travel blog from Tirana, Albania
updated 4 hours ago
Welcome to Albania- the Land of Eagles! Tirana  is a capital  inside the country  like many others I have visited, with an equestrian statue at the Sheshi Skënderbej.  I have never seen so many white pigeons in one place like in …
travel review from Bronte, Italy
updated 8 hours ago
This bakery is very good, The owners are real chef of pistachio cooking: arancini with pistachio are very good. also ice cream and cannoli. In no other place you can taste better pistachio food, because the owners are very experts …
updated 8 hours ago
Bronte is famous all over the world for the pistachio, which is very little and tasty.
travel blog from Seoul, South Korea
updated 10 hours ago
I will share my unique experiences in Seoul, Korea!
travel review from Seoul, South Korea
updated 10 hours ago
I believe many of you already know quite a lot about Insadong if you've visited Seoul quite a few times, but did you know that there is a unique optical illusion museum called, "Alive Museum" located in Insadong? This museum …
travel blog from Winkelmatten, Switzerland
updated 12 hours ago
i couldnt believe as i head down back to zermatt, the weather started to get clearer lol but i dont want to backtrack again to zmutt, ill just follow the plan. but i got hungry and its time for lunch! …
travel blog from Calgary, Canada
updated 12 hours ago
And we're back! It was a chance encounter with a British nurse last year at Jasper that we heard about the Wapta Glacier hike - and that was the genesis of this year's trip to arguably one of the best …
travel blog from Germany
updated 14 hours ago
travel blog from Spain
updated 14 hours ago
travel review from Pula, Croatia
updated 15 hours ago
Be carefull : even if You think You have paid for the airco system - your voucher give You the right to it - the Hotel by "Atlanta turist", asks extra money for the use of the airconditioning for a …
travel blog from Copenhagen, Denmark
updated 15 hours ago
After having spent almost 4 years in Brussels and now returning to Copenhagen but working in both Denmark and Sweden. I decided to become a tourist in my two old hometowns; Copenhagen and Stockholm. It had given me great pleasure …
travel list with 65 items
updated 16 hours ago
Since it became evident for me that I was moving back to Denmark, it also became evident that I am going to spend a lot of time in Stockholm. This is a list of Restaurants, bars and cafés that I …
travel review from Stockholm, Sweden
updated 16 hours ago
Piren is located on the newly developed island of Kungsholmen in the outer Stockholm. The restaurant is located on a small pier build solely for the purpose to host the restaurant. The restaurant has a huge outdoor area which is …
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