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travel review from Kashan, Iran
updated 31 minutes ago
What a great place! The Ehsan house is a traditional house with a courtyard. It's not built to imitate one, it is really one. Which means that you have a huge amount of stairs going down the cool courtyard and, …
travel blog from Kashan, Iran
updated 31 minutes ago
The architecture of Irans iconic buildings is dazzling, the contradictions in the country are huge, the chaos and impatience in the streets is unbelievable and the people are the most hospitable I've ever met. What an experience!
travel review from Yazd, Iran
updated 53 minutes ago
The Dad hotel was a real treat during our stay in Iran. The staff spoke English very well and checking in went very smoothly. The hotel is family owned and the owner is a very friendly and modest Iranian man …
travel blog from Buriram, Thailand
updated 1 hour ago
Back in 2015 I worked in Rural Thailand as an English Language Teacher. To ease the boredom while waiting for my weekend adventures, i taught one class how to speak the Nottingham accent! I recorded it and within weeks it …
travel review from Shiraz, Iran
updated 1 hour ago
This hotel is not the best choice in Shiraz I guess. We booked this hotel because the reviews on TripAdvisor and the photos I could find online were not that bad. Besides that, the location is very central and all …
travel blog from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 2 hours ago
I was granted the opportunity to working one year in Portugal, specifically Lisbon. Even though the company covered all expanses, in case of a private trip there is always the option to book a couple of months in advance, getting …
travel blog from Pula, Croatia
updated 3 hours ago
We picked up our car, an Opel Astra, at Rijeka airport. And off we went. Our first destination was Pula. There were two ways to get there. First one was over the highway, second one was the touristic route near …
travel blog from Dolina Charlotty, Poland
updated 5 hours ago
If you want to see the fantastic animals, if you want to relax, to experience contact with nature or just great to spend time with your family - this place is for you!
travel blog from Koszalin, Poland
updated 5 hours ago
Selfies end etc. from many places.
travel blog from Peenemunde, Germany
updated 5 hours ago
Peenemunde is an extraordinary place. It is here that there was an experimental center of the Third Reich, where created the rocket V-1 and V-2
travel blog from Australia
updated 7 hours ago
The Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. It's famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways. It’s also home to theme parks such as Dreamworld, …
travel blog from Virginia Beach, Virginia
updated 7 hours ago
We slept in today and checked out of the hotel at 1:00 p.m.  My son and I walked to my brother's house to join the party.  I was starving when we left the hotel so as soon as we got to …
travel blog from San Francisco, California
updated 8 hours ago
1, Material: gold ribbon of about 0.3 meters, about 1 m gold wire, wire 0.1 m;2, the rope crossed the top of the cup neck, the direction of the cup to the foot winding, pressing the rope head;3, along the …
travel blog from Bohol, Philippines
updated 10 hours ago
Bohol is one of the most famous tourist destinations because of “Chocolate Hills.” But did you know that this province in the Central Visayan region has a lot more to offer? To give you an overview, this place has different …
travel blog from Nacogdoches, Texas
updated 13 hours ago
In the 1680s the Spanish established a series of indian trails from Mexico to Natchitoches Louisiana by way of whats now Nacogdoches and San Antonio. The trail was called Camino Real a la Tierra de los Tejas. On July …
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