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travel review from Santa Cruz, Chile
updated a few seconds ago
The location of the hostal (guesthouse) is near the plaza (main square). The owners are both friendly and welcoming. They only speak Spanish, so if you can't speak spanish that will be difficult to understand We booked this hostal through …
travel blog from Bosnia and Herzegovina
updated 13 minutes ago
all what you didn't know about Bosnia
travel review from Cluj, Romania
updated 19 minutes ago
In November the price was 185 Lei [£37 ]for room and breakfast.Breakfast was taken in the hotel restaurant.Room was comfortable , en suite, and TV. Reception was 24 hours and staff spoke english and others.The hotel has about 30 rooms. …
travel review from Rancagua, Chile
updated 26 minutes ago
We spent in Rancagua for our first night in Chile, we didn't stay in Santiago because we're planning to do it on our last day and also we're not intend to drive around the city we will return the car …
travel review from Yangon, Myanmar
updated 45 minutes ago
Hi-tea at The Strand Cafe within The Strand Hotel was a very different experience from E&O Hotel. It was not directly an apple to apple comparison. At the Strand, the hi-tea had more of a French influence than English. The …
travel blog from Durham, England
updated 45 minutes ago
Home travels!
travel review from Algarve, Portugal
updated 47 minutes ago
Cape S. Vicent. Cape Saint Vincent is the most south westernly point in Europe. It takes its name from Saint Vincent; a priest martyred by the Romans. Centuries ago it was thought as the end of the world. Here it …
travel review from Algarve, Portugal
updated 52 minutes ago
Caldas de Monchique is a little spa town located in a narrow gorge some kilometers far from Portimao. It is known since the Roman times for its sulphurus waters. They are said to be good for rheumatism, respiratory and digestive …
travel review from Algarve, Portugal
updated 53 minutes ago
Unfortunately there are no direct buses to some places in the Algarve. For instance, I asked at the bus station in Faro how to go to Monchique. They told me I had to take a bus to a town (Portimao …
travel review from Algarve, Portugal
updated 55 minutes ago
Silves is a beautiful town situated on a hill. It was settled by Phoenicians; then it became a Roman city (Sibilis). From the 8th century it was names Xelb; it was a Moorish city. Silves is overlooked by a very …
travel review from Brussels, Belgium
updated 1 hour ago
It was ok for a couple of nights. I spent three night at this bed and breakfast. My single room was nice and had shower and a basin en suite. There was a machine to prepare coffee and tea; with …
travel review from Brussels, Belgium
updated 1 hour ago
This museum is divided into two sections; the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art. I only visited the Museum of Ancient Art. This houses paintings, drawings and sculptures from the 15th until 18th century. There you …
travel review from Bergamo, Italy
updated 1 hour ago
If you have some time to spend you could visit this nice museum. It is dedicated to Gaetano Donizetti. He was a very famous music composer. Gaetano was born on november 29th 1797 and died in 1848. He composed about …
travel blog from New York, New York
updated 3 hours ago
Getting a body shop that can repair your transmission, especially on short notice, is not always a simple task. How are you going to go about finding the best storage in the world you have a home in to suit …
travel review from Marrakech, Morocco
updated 3 hours ago
One warning to all amateurs, follow the directions that hostel gives you, otherwise you’ll have my experience of wandering the streets without any chance of finding the Riad Dia. I find Marrakesh a bit easier to navigate, but it is …
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