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travel blog from Amsterdam, Netherlands
updated 2 minutes ago
It was finally time to leave.  I had got up reasonable early to say goodbye to Marc, but that didn’t mean getting out of bed properly.  I had little to do other than get to Amsterdam and check in to …
updated 1 hour ago
Worldwide, only the Andean range offers the mountain grandeur of the Himalayas. Within the Andes, the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru has some of the mightiest mountains and the world’s highest concentration of glaciers in the tropics. As nature and …
travel blog from Agra, India
updated 5 hours ago
We hired a cab to tour Delhi and then continued to Agra. The road to Agra was beautiful, lots of villages, farms, ranches and sunset view. It took us slightly more than four hours to reach Agra. We went to …
travel blog from Paris, France
updated 6 hours ago
Today was a more relaxing day. We got some sleep for the first time in days. We woke up around 930 and took our time getting ready. We took a taxi to the La Marist area of Paris. It is …
travel blog from Delhi, Louisiana
updated 6 hours ago
A very huge fanatsy cricket platform Myteam11 where you can get step by step information to play fantasy gaming.Myteam11 provides you live cricket score with online gaming. You can create virtual team and win cash prizes. This platform is 100% …
travel blog from Scopello, Italy
updated 11 hours ago
Scopello is a small village located on the Gulf of Castellammare in north western Sicily. Scopello derives its name from the Greek "scopelos" meaning rock. It is a favorite destination for tourists in Italy and across Europe for its beautiful …
travel review from Lembang, Indonesia
updated 12 hours ago
Strowberi house is situated nestled in between hill slopes with beautiful Valley scenery looking towards Bangdung City, with the view comes a cool atmosphere and the road to the location is very confusing with no good signposts, even our taxi …
travel review from Jakarta, Indonesia
updated 12 hours ago
From Cisarua, Bogor to Ibis Styles Soekarno Hatta airport is around 2 hours by highway. Arriving at the hotel, were greeted by the friendliness of the staff of this hotel. The reservation process also does not take long. Room design …
travel blog from Carvoeiro, Portugal
updated 13 hours ago
Portugal with the travbaby
travel blog from Quito, Ecuador
updated 13 hours ago
The bag didn’t arrive last night so there is no way to avoid some more serious emergency shopping today. We have to get replacements to take us through the next couple of days going on a short trip out of …
travel blog from Negril, Jamaica
updated 14 hours ago
Today, we left our place on the beach, and moved over to the cliffs in Negril (our hotel isn't right on the cliffs, but it's just across the road from Rick's Cafe).  The boys really wanted to go back and …
travel review from Negril, Jamaica
updated 14 hours ago
Large room with 2 double beds, bathroom, sitting area, and porch with hammock. Mini-fridge and coffee maker in room, but no cooking facilities. Wifi, pool. Just a couple minutes from Rick's. …
travel blog from El Jem, Tunisia
updated 16 hours ago
A holiday in Monastir wouldn't be completed without a day trip to the mighty El Djem amphitheatre. El Djem is one of Tunisia's not-to-be-missed attractions.  The night before I spoked with my favourite waiter in the hotel and found out …
travel blog from Fort Collins, Colorado
updated 16 hours ago
After my assignment in Italy, I was reassigned to Colorado for 5 months. Ft. Collins is a small college town, about an hour north of Denver.
travel review from Quito, Ecuador
updated 16 hours ago
There are several small hostals spread across the old town of Quito and we managed to find one which had a pretty good location – it was within easy walking distance from the main square of the old town Plaza …
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