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travel review from New York, New York
updated 2 minutes ago
The Financial District is in Lower Manhattan, which also includes the World Trade Center site, containing the 9/11 memorial and museum which I will write a separate review for. Taken as a whole, the Financial District is a neighborhood of …
travel blog from New York, New York
updated 2 minutes ago
March 19 - April 3 2015. Flight from Denver to NYC: $138. NYC to Reykjavik: $310. Reykjavik to London: $137. Eurostar from London to Paris: $114. …
travel review from New York, New York
updated 57 minutes ago
It doesn't get better than free. Of course there are so many tourists in this area just relaxing, walking, people watching, and taking pictures. Time square should be checked out since you are in New York City, and this is …
travel blog from Melbourne, Australia
updated 1 hour ago
I knew that the end of my time with Old School Farm would come around fast. It was a shame as it had been a largely positive & fun WWOOFing experience. But I'd finally completed what I set out to do & …
travel blog from Bagan, Myanmar
updated 2 hours ago
We had two full days to explore the ancient city of Bagan. The first day we took it really easy as we were still tired of travelling and it was time to finally relax. Before we left our hotel, I …
travel review from ROMA, Italy
updated 3 hours ago
Francesco made our experience so enjoyable. He was responsive to our every question prior to booking. When an owner pays attention to every little detail, you as the guest reap all the rewards. Francesco pays attention to ALL the details. …
travel blog from Kyrenia, Cyprus
updated 3 hours ago
This morning we venture North of the border for a two day trip to Kyrenia,also known as Girne. I booked a taxi to come and pick us up as it can be difficult to get a rental car across the …
travel blog from Beijing, China
updated 3 hours ago
I was very vocal in the forums that Jantima is one of the TravBuddy members I wanted to meet in person.  Finally, the realization of that wish has come!  Jantima is a sweet girl!  My initial impression of her was that …
travel blog from Machu Picchu, Peru
updated 6 hours ago
A journey to the Sacre Valley, Inca Trails, Lake Titicaca and Nazca Lines. Visit ruins in different spot and setting my feet on the South America Continent! …
travel review from New York, New York
updated 7 hours ago
Something to do in NYC is getting to either Top of the Rock or Empire State Building for a view of NYC. I didn't purchase my ticket in advance. Just right then and there. The price was $29 and the …
travel blog from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
updated 7 hours ago
Arriving into Kuala Lumpur an hour later, I was hoping to go to one of the airport capsule hotels, to sleep for a little while. More about the capsule hotel itself, in a later entry. But when talking with other …
travel blog from Boracay, Philippines
updated 11 hours ago
Manila, Legazpi, Donsol, Caramoan and Boracay
travel blog from Iloilo, Philippines
updated 12 hours ago
I fell in love with the pix I saw from the internet and felt the compulsion to go. Good decision! :) …
travel blog from Tanay, Philippines
updated 12 hours ago
Joined a group going to Daranak Falls :)
travel blog from Nepal
updated 14 hours ago
Nepal trip was like a flash - found report in internet and same second just decided to go there!
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