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travel blog from El Nido, Philippines
updated 11 minutes ago
Back tot he ajestic island of El Nido
travel blog from Negev, Israel
updated 1 hour ago
MY 2nd time in the Holy Land. Since I'm officially single, I wa able to meet lots of amazing Jewish locals. LOL
updated 2 hours ago
This is definitely a must thing to do if you like hiking and if you like unrestored Great Wall section in China. I went to this section of the Great Wall with Beijing Hikers, it is a tough hike around …
updated 2 hours ago
This blog is dedicated to both restored and unrestored Great Wall in many part of China.
updated 2 hours ago
Longquanyu Wild Great Wall is located at the boundary of Changping District, Yanqing County and Huairou District. Being a wild great wall, most architectures are broken. Although it is not better preserved than Jinshanling Great Wall, Longquanyu is absolutely an …
updated 2 hours ago
Huangyaguan Village is located 1 km Northeast of Taiping Village in Northern of Ji's County, Province of Tianjin. There is a great site and tourist attraction which is The Great Wall of Huangyaguan. This section of the Great Wall was …
updated 3 hours ago
You have to believe me, I went to this section of the Great Wall for more than 20 times (as of 3 October 2015). I went there in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I went there on polluted day, rainy …
travel blog from Poznan, Poland
updated 3 hours ago
It’s maybe hard to believe but there are castles in Poznan. Non of them is as famous as Wawel in Krakow or  Royal Castle in Warsaw though. And none of them look like Malbork Castle for sure! But still Poznan …
travel blog from Thailand
updated 6 hours ago
From the moment I exited the SkyTrain and set foot on the streets of Bangkok, the wilderness of this chaotic city seized me with an unforgiving brutality. The air was thick with sweltering humidity, and the filthy sidewalks were littered …
travel review from Rosemont, Illinois
updated 7 hours ago
this hotel is very clean and nice... again.. it is very nice. Since it is a little sister of W hotel the interior seems very similar to W hotel. (modern look). i would def. go back when i go back …
updated 10 hours ago
The Great Wall at Mutianyu is the section of The Great Wall of China located 70 Kilometer away from central Beijing. about 1.5 hour drive (private car) from 2nd Ring Road (around Forbidden City) and around 1 hr from Beijing …
updated 11 hours ago
Huairou is a county within Beijing and it located 70 Kilometer Northeast of Beijing. It will take 1.5 hrs from the 2nd ring road and 1 hour from Beijing Capital Airport. Huairou's famous places to visit is the Great Wall …
travel blog from World
updated 11 hours ago
The Spring snows start to melt by May. June is the first month of Summer. Alaska explodes with outdoor excitement. The first winter snows appear in early October. …
updated 12 hours ago
Located between Constitution Ave., Pennsylvania Ave. and 15th St., and forming a triangle, is a collection of U.S. Government buildings built in the neoclassical style called the Federal Triangle. Most of the buildings here were constructed during the late 1920's …
updated 12 hours ago
Some friends from China came to the USA to tour about, so Tong and I met them in Washington DC to see the gights with them. We took the train from Newport News up to DC, which takes about 4 …
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