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travel blog from New York, New York
updated 4 minutes ago
Bitkisel İçerik Bitki özlerinin birleşimi ile meydana gelen biber hapı ile kısa sürede doğal bir şekilde fit bir görünüme kavuşabilirsiniz. …
travel blog from Vatra Dornei, Romania
updated 12 minutes ago
Summer roadtrip
travel review from Beaumont, Texas
updated 12 minutes ago
$10 as of December 2016. This restaurant is within easy walking distance of the Motel 6, and the Red Roof Inn. They have a nice dining area and serve a wide variety of Mediterranean food. There is a hookah bar …
travel review from Vatra Dornei, Romania
updated 18 minutes ago
Polenta- is made from grind corn, a typical food in the country. Since our arrival in Romania we have grilled everyday from the menu. Today we can't choose, no menu no other choice, we're 6 kilometer away from the center …
travel review from El Paso, Texas
updated 22 minutes ago
$90 with a discount as of November 2016, (prices vary due to day of the week, season, special events, and other factors). I like to try different places to stay when I am in a larger location, and will change …
travel review from Vatra Dornei, Romania
updated 49 minutes ago
The hotel is located outside the center of Vatra Dornei about 6 kilomtre - good for traveler with car, no public transportations this way or else a taxi A nice environment where one can walk along the river. A very …
travel review from Aberdeen, South Dakota
updated 56 minutes ago
$56 with a discount as of August 2013 (prices vary due to weekend/weekday, season, special events, and other factors). I stopped here partially because I knew the very first Super 8 was here in Aberdeen, and like many Americans I …
travel blog from Yangon, Myanmar
updated 1 hour ago
A quick technical point.This is a long page and there are many images on it.  I would have liked to have split it up but the template here on Travbuddy automatically groups writing about the same day in the same …
travel list with 19 items
updated 1 hour ago
All of Spain.and Gibraltar.
travel review from Spain
updated 3 hours ago
Ronda is a lovely historical town of Andalucia southern Spain. It is famous for its Gorge , El Taso, crossed by the Puenye Nueve bridge. The river Rio Guadalevin is 100m below. ----The Rondas Plaza De Toras bullring is one …
travel blog from Tokyo, Japan
updated 3 hours ago
Took the 9am shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo...  After check-in at my accommodations, I met up with Mami in Kanda. Prior to this trip, Japan Times ran an article about "revered restaurants crammed in Kanda". We initially wanted to have …
travel blog from Haast River, New Zealand
updated 3 hours ago
When driving through the countryside of New Zealand you are bound to cross a lot of narrow bridges – usually they are only one way so one direction traffic will have to give way to the other at one end …
travel list with 12 items
updated 3 hours ago
travel review from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 3 hours ago
Sintra is a hilltop village made by three areas. Estefania; the modern area; with the train and the bus stations. Sintra-Vila; with the Royal Palace. Sao Pedro; located at some kilometers from Sintra-Vila. What to see in Sintra (I mean …
travel review from Lisbon, Portugal
updated 3 hours ago
Cascais is a small town on the Atlantic coast, located some 30 km west of Lisbon. Once it was a fishing village. Today it is a famous tourist resort. One of the attractions of Cascais is the Palace of Castro …
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