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travel blog from Munich, Germany
updated 1 minute ago
I will spend a part of this summer in France, starting in Strasbourg
travel blog from England, United Kingdom
updated 34 minutes ago
In September i took a short break to the Peak District Derbyshire England . Boarding the train at Manchester Piccadilly i travelled to Buxton for a two night stay. at No.6 The Cresent posh Guest House.(see review)-------Buxton is a Geogian …
travel list with 5 items
updated 1 hour ago
Venice, a marvelouse town
travel blog from Paestum, Italy
updated 2 hours ago
Are you a fan of ancient ruins?  Did you travel to Athens just to visit the ruined temples in the Acropolis?  Are you one of those visitors of the Parthenon that had this frustrating experience because of the never ending restoration works?  Or …
travel blog from Durres, Albania
updated 3 hours ago
I spent a week in the hotel Vivas during my summer holiday.  It looked average from the first sight. I had to carry my suitcase up the high stairs to the reception hall. To get to the room  from the …
travel blog from Rigny-Usse, France
updated 3 hours ago
After breakfast, we drive to visit the many castles in area. Oh boy… I was very excited since I love castles and could not wait to explore the nok and cranny of the many castles if possible. First we visit …
travel blog from Kosice, Slovakia
updated 3 hours ago
It is spring time, so we decided to revisit the countries and to enjoy the scenery, the weather and the food.
travel list with 6 items
updated 3 hours ago
It is my birthplace.
travel review from Verona, Italy
updated 3 hours ago
This castle was built between 1354 and 1356 on previous fortifications. It was used as a fortress but also as mansion for the lords of Verona. It has seven towers, a castle keep and a bridge (rebuilt after the second …
travel blog from Sicily, Italy
updated 3 hours ago
Despite the fact that Sicily is an island, there is the same excellent shopping, as in the mainland cities of Italy. There are several shopping centers. Firstly, there are street markets, which can be found in almost any city in …
travel review from Verona, Italy
updated 3 hours ago
This large church is the third structure built on this site. It was rebuilt between 1120 and 1138 over a 4th century shrine to Verona' s patron saint; Saint Zeno. He was the eight Verona's bishop. This church was enlarged …
travel review from Verona, Italy
updated 3 hours ago
San Fermo Maggiore is another church worth a visit in Verona. It was built by the Benedictine monks between 1065 and 1143 on the remains of two churches dated to the V and the VIII centuries to house Saint Fermo …
travel blog from Kota Belud, Malaysia
updated 9 hours ago
Day two on Mantanani Island and I had zero plans, and zero intention of setting plans.  It was a lovely location for catching up on reading.  And I did a little snorkeling close to the shore, rather than a snorkeling …
travel blog from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
updated 10 hours ago
Après un vol de deux heures qui nous a amené jusqu'à Atlanta et un autre d'environ 9 heures, nous voici enfin à destination : Rio de Janeiro. Partis à près de 30 degrés à Montréal, nous arrivons à Rio avec …
travel blog from Canada
updated 11 hours ago
Welcome to the Web Series of ExcitingWorldTravel. New Web Series Will be Posted on here about Travel. Videos of profiles of my travels and other promotions and stories. I am open to offering anyone on here to be in the …
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