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travel blog from Perth, Australia
updated 8 minutes ago
When people think about Australia, I bet most people will think about Sydney and Melbourne. While both cities are amazing, there is one city that is just as amazing, which is Perth, a city located in Western Australia. It sits …
travel blog from Coron, Philippines
updated 25 minutes ago
Today, I awoke to a sound of light dripping rain.  I looked out the window, and there was no sunshine instead the sky was as if shawled in a thick black veil.  For a while, dismay replaced my excitement for …
travel blog from Haputale, Sri Lanka
updated 37 minutes ago
This morning i got the bus to Dambatenne, about 10 kms out of town and from here i hiked up to Lipton's Seat and then walked the whole way back to Haputale, perhaps my hardest day yet as it meant …
travel review from Haputale, Sri Lanka
updated 1 hour ago
The building is not yet completed but it was a nice place to stay, even if it was a long walk from town. The manager was very friendly, if not a bit forgetful. Breakfast was excellent and there was a …
travel blog from Whistler, Canada
updated 2 hours ago
Supposedly Whistler is named after the whistling noises the local marmots make whilst mating.  As it's still Winter here at the moment so we have very little chance of seeing - or hearing - any marmots whilst we're here so won't be …
travel review from Ella, Sri Lanka
updated 6 hours ago
This is a wonderful place to stay, 2 kms away from the busy town of Ella, run by a terrific friendly family who treated me as one of their members. Great views from the family home, well furnished bedroom and …
travel blog from Soroca, Moldova
updated 10 hours ago
Third country on Bulgaria - Romania - Moldova tour
updated 11 hours ago
Talk about a LONG uncertain day! The alarm rang at 430a. I got ready on time but needed to light the "deepa" before leaving the house (yes, I never leave the house without lighting a candle in my prayer room) …
travel blog from Nessebar, Bulgaria
updated 11 hours ago
First country on Bulgaria-Romania-Moldova trip
travel blog from Madrid, Spain
updated 13 hours ago
I love food. It's easily the number one reason I travel. It's what I plan the most, and what I look forward to the most. Unfortunately, when I eat, especially while abroad, I get so excited about the food I …
travel blog from Nimes, France
updated 13 hours ago
As I arrived in the Gard/Cévennes region, I was quite struck by the local house style, the 'mas'. I didn't expect to see them here, I thought 'mas' was rather found in the Provence region (the translation I found in …
travel blog from Thunder Bay, Canada
updated 14 hours ago
Stuck out at Sea  -  How To Do Laundry when Travellling Wine In Napa Valley California  Why You need a Passport to Travel  Ways to Get Sick in Travel  Good Source for Maps  Cruises For Cheap Funny Travel Complaints …
travel blog from Canada
updated 15 hours ago
Welcome to the Web Series of ExcitingWorldTravel. New Web Series Will be Posted on here about Travel. Videos of profiles of my travels and other promotions and stories. I am open to offering anyone on here to be in the …
travel blog from Sao Tome and Principe
updated 15 hours ago
The plane to São Tomé had a stopover in Libreville, the transfer from the airport was included (a Airbnb accommodation). The Immigration insisted on seeing my accommodation and had a bit of a problem with my Airbnb, but finally managed …
travel blog from Bucharest, Romania
updated 17 hours ago
Transylvania (and Count Dracula) here I come...
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