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travel blog from Easter Island, Chile
updated 10 minutes ago
Visiting Easter Island has been in my bucket list for awhile. Always wondering why and what are the stone statues about..I am so thankful I had a chance to set my foot on the mystical land!
updated 20 minutes ago
Vodka and volcanoes, glaciers and geysers, brown bears and spawning salmons, wilderness and remoteness, bad roads with dodgy aircrafts, secret military bases ….. an exotic destination for a wild adventure!
travel blog from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 30 minutes ago
I spent a couple of months backpacking around Thailand visiting the North, Bangkok and Southern Thailand as well. I had such a great trip and saw a lot, loved the food and soaked up the culture! I volunteered at a …
travel review from Suratthani, Thailand
updated 36 minutes ago
These little bungalows overflow with character and I loved the open roof bathroom facilities though I realize this is not for everyone. The room was a nice size and the balcony with hammock was lovely. It is not as close …
travel review from Chiang Mai, Thailand
updated 38 minutes ago
As there are many Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai I thought I would write a review about the one I chose as I was very happy with the class. I may have given it 5 start if I enjoyed …
travel review from Chiang Mai, Thailand
updated 40 minutes ago
I spent a week in Hang Dong (outside of Chiang Mai) volunteering at the well run shelter called Care For Dogs. I felt the organization truly has the best interest of the dogs at heart. Their slogan (which I love) …
travel review from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 41 minutes ago
The views of the city from the 63rd floor of the Lebua Hotel did not disappoint. It was at this location that a scene from Hangover 2 was shot. We arrived before sunset (which I would highly recommend) and were …
travel review from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 42 minutes ago
This is the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. All of Thailand is apparently supplied with flowers from here. The size of this market was unbelievable and the stalls and warehouse spaces seemed to go on forever! …
travel review from Chiang Mai, Thailand
updated 42 minutes ago
I enjoyed my stay here so much that after leaving Chiang Mai and returning a week later, I stayed here again. After spending several hours online looking for a hotel, I think this is great value for the money. It …
travel review from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 44 minutes ago
I needed a room in Bangkok and I found this hotel on for $52 USD per night-in July of 2014. After spending hours researching many hotels (as I was staying for a week) I settled on CitiChic as it …
travel blog from Vinh Long, Vietnam
updated 1 hour ago
Bought an old 100cc Honda motorbike in Hanoi and set out on a road trip on my own to see & explore the Vietnamese countryside. Rode 5000km / 3100 miles over 4 weeks, finally ending my epic trip in Saigon …
travel blog from Machu Picchu, Peru
updated 1 hour ago
Visiting Peru
travel blog from Santa Fe, New Mexico
updated 1 hour ago
Day 7 USA and Cruise 2014October 22 2014On last day in Santa Fe, Getting up and can’t figure out what i should do in the city today. Wishing I had gotten a rental car as without one its quite limited. …
travel blog from Fuengirola, Spain
updated 1 hour ago
Summer holiday
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