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travel blog from Jalpan de Serra, Mexico
updated 5 minutes ago
After consulting the hotel manager, he informed me that my intended destination of the Tancama Ruins was only 5 km away, that's nothing, I'll walk it. 10 bloody KM's later when I reached Tancama, down a dirt road, with only …
travel blog from Queretaro, Mexico
updated 21 minutes ago
Travelling East from Queretaro takes you towards The Sierra Gorda Mountains, unknown to me I had booked on the slow coach, 5 hours to be precise, no toilet, no luxury seats, no TV. The one good thing about the cheap …
travel review from Piney Point, Maryland
updated 1 hour ago
This place should be called Tiny Point for it is a little bitty lighthouse near the mouth of the Potomac River as it enters the Chesapeake Bay. Piney Point was built in 1836 and is the oldest still-standing light on …
travel blog from London, England
updated 1 hour ago
I did get up early enough, at 7 am. I gotten ready and packed up all my things. Then checked out, to get a head start. I would have to carry my backpack the rest of the way, to save …
travel blog from Pokhara, Nepal
updated 2 hours ago
Sat 04/18/2015 decided to spend the money and go paragliding for the views. The package is not cheap and I got ripped off, but for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I guess  it was still worth it. 
updated 6 hours ago
Hanksville is a small Utah town (with services) at the intersection of Ut 24 and the NW start of scenic UT 95 with White Canyon. Stop at the rock shop in Hanksville and White Canyon. First time from Hanksville go …
updated 7 hours ago
Bryce Canyon is not a canyon. Brice is on UT 63 just south of the very scenic UT 12. Bryce has many scenic overlooks of eroded rock with colored pinninals and other strange variations of beautiful weathered Rock. The short …
updated 9 hours ago
we spent five wonder nights at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro. A quiet adults only resort. While it was not perfect it was a very reasonably priced trip. There are no complaints. I will add more pictures as I add more …
travel blog from San Jose, Costa Rica
updated 9 hours ago
BG: Следващата дестинация беше Сан Хосе, столицата на Коста Рика.DE: Die nächste Destination war San Jose, die Hauptstadt von Costa Rica.UK: The next destination was San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.
travel review from Siem Reap, Cambodia
updated 10 hours ago
Have you ever thought about waiting for the sunset, like more than 2 hours? Well during your trip to Angkor Wat you can, or actually you better if you want to see it from on top of Phnom Bakheng. They …
travel blog from Sofia, Bulgaria
updated 10 hours ago
Well the flight with Wizzair was fine. Leg room was adequate,seats were fairly comfortable. Plane was a brand new Airbus A320. A little turbulence on final approach to Sofia but nobody lost their dinner. I'm staying at the Metropolitan Hotel …
travel review from Siam Reap, Cambodia
updated 10 hours ago
So I have done the short loop tour in Angkor Wat, I have done the long loop tour. Now I have a new favorite temple. Beng Mealea. It is about an hour ride in a car from Siem Reap. I …
travel blog from Guatemala City, Guatemala
updated 10 hours ago
BG: Здравейте, отново стана време за Америка. Първите снимки са от едноименната столица на Гватемала.DE: Hallo zusammen, es wurde mal wieder Zeit für Amerika. Die ersten Bilder sind aus der Hauptstadt von Guatemala - Guatemala-Stadt.UK: Dear all, it was again …
travel blog from Alexandria, Virginia
updated 12 hours ago
Since becoming a mom, travelling has been put on hold for the most part. Little by little we're easing him into the world out there. Here are some of these minor and major outings.
travel review from Alexandria, Virginia
updated 12 hours ago
This park is a Wetland preserve nestled between Telegraph Road and Route 1. You might think this to be a busy area, but you can rarely hear any of the noise coming from those busy streets. We love coming here …
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