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Name: steve
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Join Date: May 31, 2007
Contributions: osgoodst has written about 190 places, shared 2,629 photos, left 1,594 comments, and smiled 4,716 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs
Travel Plans
Tianjin, China
May 1, 2018 – Nov 2, 2018
relocating to the Tianjin area for 6 months. If anyone is in the area it'll be good to meet some new people for some beers and good food
Puerto Rico, USA
dream destination
looking to head there this summer - thinking cool off the beater track stuff ( ie not san juan)
Havana, Cuba
dream destination
haha just need to figure out how to do it! come on obama!
Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
english, a little portugese, a little russian
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
Sitting in a suana in La Paz Bolivia while having a bunch of naked mafia guys rubbing salt on me. How ackward, but man I had such soft skin for the next month.

My other one is when I was in Morocco and we were going to go smoke a shisha (like a hooka) with some people. Well our friend ended up taking us to the backroom of an empty cafe. Inside was a group of old guys ready to smoke it up. It was a great group, me and two american girls, our moroccan friend, and 4 old guys we didn't know. So we're smoking kind of staring at eachother ackwardly, and one of the guys gets out a gun and throws it on the table to freak us out! Well doing that really lightened the mood, the 4 guys were the storekeep, mayor of ifrane, the police chief, and some army guy. We had a great conversation about the war in iraq (started 9 months earlier, and started to go sour by that point), 9/11, US torturing iraqiis ect.... it was a conversation every american and person in the arab world should have, and if they did it would be a much better place.
I have just moved to chicago, and am excited about moving to the downtown area next week. Right now I live in the boring burbs. I am a traveling engineer working in large scale alternative to oil projects, and making oil refienery improvements. The point being is that if you live in an energy producing area I am coming your way.

My hobbies are brewing beer and coffee; travel (duh), and loving life.
NickelP says:
I saw you're going to be in Tianjin for 6 months. I'm going to be in China for a week in July (Beijing and Xian). Maybe we can meet up in Beijing depending on schedules.
Posted on: Mar 11, 2018
Ils1976 says:
thanks for the smile! :D
Posted on: Dec 31, 2017
vulindlela says:
Happy Birthday!
Posted on: Nov 16, 2017
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