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Name: Carlos
Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico
Location: Ruston, Louisiana, USA
Join Date: February 20, 2009
Contributions: montecarlostar has written about 467 places, shared 9,070 photos, left 26,265 comments, and smiled 47,923 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs, just browsing!
Travel Plans
dream destination
dream destination
Oh Russia, Mother Russia!
dream destination
To visit my very good friend!!
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Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
Spanish, English, German, Portuguese
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
Recently I have been remembering some of my trips and although there is something memorable about all of them, I still think my best trip is yet to come. I enjoy memories, but I always look forward to the present and the future. Live the moment, rejoice in the past and foresee the future is my belief. I think that if heaven should be eternal joy, then it must be eternal discovery.
I am a down to earth individual, I enjoy doing new things, it' my fountain of youth! One of the things I enjoy the most is to travel, going to new places is always exciting, but sometimes revisiting old places is also cool!

My best childhood gift was a World Atlas. With it I began to play and dream about visiting every country on this planet. I became so obssessed about culture and geography, but I could only satisfy my hunger for knowledge with books back then.

My favorite food ever is Buffalo Wings! Especially with celery and Ranch. I just can't get enough of 'em! I have a very defined taste with respect to music that some -or most- people may find extreme, but I like what I like and I don't expect people to like the same. My favorite album ever is "Nucleus" by the swedish band Anekdoten. Listen to that and you will get a good idea of the music I like.

Arrogance is what I hate the most in this world. It makes me sick how some people see themselves as superior or better or more worthy than others and with the right to humilliate.

Also, my favorite movie ever is "Dogville" with Nicole Kidman and directed by Lars Von Trier. My philosophy about life is based on it.

KISS - Never enough

"People waste time on their hopes and dreams
Fate is always in my hands
Only way I know is the way I'm gonna go
When others sit and make their plans
I don't stop 'til I make it to the top
Don't need no one to understand

'Cause I know what I'm doing
And I know what I want

Gimme life, for the takin'
Gimme love, 'til I'm shakin'
Gimme rules, just for breakin'
Because it's never enough, never enough, never enough!"
KeikoCreative says:
Hi Carlos, how are you? Is been long time since we last chat.
Posted on: Jan 10, 2018
jendara says:
Happy Birthday Carlos:)
Feliz Cumpleaños Carlos:)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2017
monky says:
Feliz cumple Carlos que la pases super los mejores deseos abrazotes! :D
Posted on: Jul 03, 2017
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