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Name: Michael
Hometown: Solihull, England, UK
Location: Saint Andrews, Scotland, UK
Join Date: January 11, 2017
Contributions: maykal has written about 112 places, shared 1,370 photos, left 84 comments, and smiled 62 times.
Interested in: showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs, just browsing!
Travel Plans
Tbilisi, Georgia
Aug 17, 2017 – Aug 24, 2017
Doing a Georgian language course in Tbilisi
Aug 24, 2017 – Aug 24, 2017
20 hour stopover...
dream destination
After 2 years living within spitting distance of the Eritrean border and being unable to cross, I'm extremely curious about Eritrea
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Languages Spoken
English, Arabic, Turkish, French...and learning Georgian, Kurdish and Gaidhlig
A newly-exiled VTer looking for a new home...I'm an Arabic teacher based in a little Scottish town on the North Sea coast, and travel whenever I can.
planxty says:
You have my sypathies about studying in that heat, I wouldn't fancy it but, then again, I never much fancied studying in any weather. That region always appealed although I berlieve Azerbaijan may not be the wisest option just now but I know there is plenty more to see.

Off to Canada in the next few days and I always work out of Edmonton in Alberta as that is where Lynne lives. We rarely plan anything in advance but our hand may be a bit forced this year as there are some serious fires in BC at the minute with the smoke drifting hundreds of miles so it will probably be Northern Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan this time round. Still, it is all new to me so I don't mind, I just like to be on the road. As for timings, I'll just hang aobut until Lynne gets sick of me and throws me out and then see where to go to next. It'll be getting towards time for my Southerly migration by then.

Good luck with the course and speak soon,

Posted on: Jul 23, 2017
planxty says:
Incidentally, the four day trip ended yesterday when I got back to London! Three and a half months on four days clothes was pretty challenging but immense fun. Two or three day turnaround (I had to come back to pick up a new bank card) and then off to Canada for my annual campervan roadtrip with Lynne (Ravenswing on VT and here). Hard old lefe, eh?
Posted on: Jul 20, 2017
planxty says:
Hello again mate.

If your travel plans have panned out I reckon you should be in Tblisi now and I hope you got there safe and well. I know you are a real language nut so this course will be right up your street. I must admit I envy you tremendously as that is a region I have long wanted to visit. Have fun and keep us posted when you are not doing homework!
Posted on: Jul 20, 2017
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