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Top 5 favorite undergrounds

We love to travel by underground, its fast and easy!! (well not in every country!!) The last few years we were in a couple of world citys and took the subway/underground/U -Bahn. The way it works is pretty much the same in every city but some are easier than other!! Have fun!!!

Updated January 29, 2009
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  1. Average priced "Sights & Attractions" in Berlin, Germany
    We took the Berlin subway (U and S bahn) so often we almost can remember all the lines and there stations. The Berlin subway is easy for use. Maps are available at every station. The U-Bahn as it's called has about 170 station in Berlin and has 9 dif…
  2. Average priced "General Tips & Advice" in London, England, UK
    We took the London underground a few times the last years, it's always fun to go on the London tube. A train will stop almost every 4 minutes at almost every station. For a day ticket you pay almost 5 pounds, but than you can travel whole of inner Lo…
  3. Cheap "General Tips & Advice" in Moscow, Russia
    We took the Moscow underground for 2 days went we were in moscow in 2005. Every station is like an art museum. Almost every station is worth to visit. Once you get your map for the underground don't be surpriced, it's all in Cyrillic Name. So you wo…
  4. Expensive "Sights & Attractions" in New York, New York, USA
    The first thing you noticed riding the New York Subway is the lots of art and musicians on almost every station. We had fun riding the subway in New York. Although sometimes you had to wait pretty long for a train to arrive this in comparison with ot…
  5. Cheap "General Tips & Advice" in Saint Petersburg, Russia
    We took the St Petersburg underground for 2 days went we were There to start our 2005 trip with the transsiberia railroad. Every station is like an art museum.(same a moscow) Almost every station is worth to visit. Once you get your map for the under…
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