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Hometown: Philippines
Location: Germany
Join Date: February 16, 2007
Contributions: lauro has written about 596 places, shared 11,361 photos, left 43,827 comments, and smiled 61,066 times.
Travel Plans
Mar 24, 2017 – Mar 30, 2017
roadtrip and camping in the desert! yeah!
Jul 28, 2017 – Aug 9, 2017
expedition, roadtrip and wildcamping in the caucasus!
dream destination
gobi desert, altai mountains and genghis khan.
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Languages Spoken
i have the ability to laugh at myself har har har
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Most Memorable Travel Experience

a journey in the most north-westernmost region of an old land. into the wild, into the unknown. into one of the most spiritual region in the face of the earth were all men of soul searching journey went, the likes of san yago and san andrés, to where the pilgrims offered their homage to their religious passion. where an ancient country is separated from the country itself. where the language is not the language but an old and ancient language, a celtic language, a land of the druids, land of the celts... the ends of the earth, la finisterra.

un lugar donde alguna vez estuve en mi pasado, en donde los cuatro vientos de la tierra envolvieron en círculos sus fríos brazos en mi frágil cuerpo; con ello, hallé el amor en soledad.

pero estos sentimientos se tornaron insignificantes, porque al mirar hacia atrás, sorprendentemente me trajo de vuelta hacia los brazos y el amor de la persona que me dio la vida, mi madre.

españa, un país, la tierra… donde no tuve expectativas. un amorío que tan solo ella y yo podríamos entender. de todos mis viajes, ya sea en el pasado, presente o en el futuro próximo.. nunca podría olvidar esta tierra que me tuvo entre sus brazos... nunca.

españa.. una vez en mi vida.. tú eres la única.

es necesario correr riesgos. sólo entendemos del todo el milagro de la vida cuando dejamos que suceda lo inesperado.

"we have to take risks. we will only understand the miracle of life when we allow the unexpected to happen."

girando como una noria... spinning like a wheel... girando como una noria... spinning like a wheel...

contigo, with you.

grains of sand is all we are.

"a grain of sand is a moment of creation, and the universe has taken million of years to create it."


Vouched for on January 22, 2009
How did you meet in real life?
I met Lauro in a travel to Hobbiton in the Middle Hearth

Why are you vouching for them?
I´m vouching for Lauro becouse he is the best hobbit I have ever known!! ^__^

every now and then, a contributing writer @
portia says:
hi, hope you are well, see that you will be in Israel, whil I am in Reykjavik on the last night of a 3 week trip, today we came from Vik and took photos at the black sand beach of Vik. I will take me a while to blog my trip, but just want to let you know I finally made it to Iceland!
Posted on: Mar 21, 2017
mountaingirl says:
Have a great trip to Israel! Can't wait to see the pictures :)
Posted on: Mar 19, 2017
vances says:
Thank you for visiting the Lone Star State, Lauro...hope all is well with you? Wishing you a grand time in Israel!

Posted on: Mar 13, 2017
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