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Name: Dylan
Location: Gross Schneen, Germany
Join Date: November 21, 2005
Contributions: lasersurge has written about 79 places, shared 2,443 photos, left 290 comments, and smiled 280 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, sharing travel tips and blogs
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English, Dutch, German
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For those who don't know, my life has been a fairy tale recently, full of love, music, beautiful people and places. I've learnt to build overtone or harmonic flutes, a very old and wonderful instrument. This has led me to many incredible places, and people, the most incredible place being perhaps the Externsteine and the most incredible person being definitely Kira. With these flutes I've been able to share the gift of making music straight from the heart with many people.
Kira and I met in a fantastical night filled with drumming and fire surrounded by forest and standing stones in the heart of Germany on the eve of the first of May, Walpurgisnacht, and I've spent most of my time since then living with her in Germany and even when seperated we're never apart.
On the 2nd of August 2008 we celebrated our marriage with friends, sharing food, music, laughter, fire and love and we're now preparing to make our way overland back to the Motherland... Australia.
I hope you're all enjoying it too!
Big hugs and Much love

I've been away from Australia since August 2004 and of that time i've spent much of it in Belgium, 6 months working in England to fund the adventures. So far I've seen some of Estonia, Iceland, UK, Germany, Czech, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Done some bike riding, mountain climbing, jaw dropping, people meeting, food eating and fun having. I've decided not to be back to continue uni (architecture) in Feb 2007 and I feel so liberated by the decision. For now I'm just going to take everything as it comes and make the most of every opportunity presented to me. I hope eventually to travel back to Australia overland through Asia from Europe, but before that happens I'll need to earn some money, maybe in England, maybe the US, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm now living in Brussels, and it really is a great city, anyone saying otherwise obviously just doesn't know. It's great to be able to spend some more time somewhere and really get to know it. So some day I'll be back home to see my family and friends, and it'll be awesome, but it's also awesome now not knowing when I'll be back!

Peace and Love
viaggiatrice says:
Hello Dylan! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and often hilarious photos!! :D I've really enjoyed them!!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
Hi Dylan, greetings from Indonesia ;-)
Posted on: Nov 04, 2009
Eric says:
Hey Dylan, how are things going? Are you still in Germany?
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
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