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When I reactivated my Travbuddy account in 2013, I compiled the 'Ten alternative London highlights' list as a guide for visitors to London who wanted to see the less obvious stuff. Well, big and bewildering as this great city is, there are certainly more than 10 off-the-beaten-track things that are worth seeing. So if you've 'done' classic London and want to see some hidden gems, or if you just want to visit places not overrun with tourists, these places are for you.
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There are worse places to live in than the UK. Much as I love travelling overseas, there's so much to see in the UK considering how small it is. This list is, in no particular order, some places I have visited. It's rather random and will be updated at even more random intervals...
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The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral...Places like this are the sights a first time visitor to London seeks out, and rightly so. But what if you've seen all the obvious stuff? Here's a guide to some things you may have missed. DISCLAIMER - This is a subjective list, and I'm not a born and bred Londoner, so lay no claim to being an expert.
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