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Join Date: June 10, 2007
Contributions: jdax57 has written about 24 places, shared 588 photos, left 3,653 comments, and smiled 3,766 times.

jdax57's Travel Blogs

Thanksgiving Weekend Trip
Nov 28, 2008 – Nov 30, 2008
Thanksgiving trip to Hoover Dam, Meteor Crater, and the Grand Canyon
Overview 0 words 38 8 16
124 Days in Iraq: Entertainment for the Weak
Oct 06, 2007 – Jan 02, 2008
Balad, Iraq -› Ur, Iraq -› …
My so called deployment to Mortaritaville aka as Balad AB Iraq. Generalized short verion of my deployment.
Overview 5,648 words 48 14 49
Las Vegas Photo Collection
Jul 01, 2007 – Aug 02, 2007
My quest to explore monsoon season in Southern Nevada, chasing Thunderstorms to get those rare lightning pictures. And of cours…
Overview 224 words 35 59 94
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jdax57's Travel Reviews

Expensive "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Upon arrival to the restaurant with a reservation. We were quickly denied a table for 30 mins. W…
Cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Munich, Germany
I'm gonna paste an older review of Oktoberfest: If you ever been to a fairly popular concert, y…
Very cheap "General Tips & Advice" in Munich, Germany
If you ever been to a fairly popular concert, you'll have a general idea of what Oktobber Fest…