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Ricky Bobby goes FAST ! Apr 13, 2011
Travel advice from Puerto Viejo towards San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This is the fastest and fastest way to get there, time tables must be followed in order to get where you want to go :). It took me only a bit more than 12 hours to finish it.

- I took 7:30 bus from Puerto Viejo to San Jose (price 4500 colones) and it came there around 12:00.

- Now in San Jose, quickly go to another auto-bus station that has buses that go towards border. You are looking for Liberia or Penas Blancas bus direction. There are 17 or so bus stations in San Jose, station you need is 5-6 blocks away, but you have to know where you are walking if going there! Take a cab if you dont have map.

- I was lucky that I got on 12:30 bus to Penas Blancas(price 4600 colones) , it is direct and fast. We arrived to the border around 18:10, walk quickly to CR border, get a EXIT STAMP, and start waking over the no mans land. On the way you'll need to show your stuff or passport 3 times.

- Nicaraguan border station is located behind some bus terminal, around 200 meters from the main road. It is not easy to find it, you must ask in order to be faster. Entrance is $12, when you get stamp, go towards the border line, and look for the bus. All buses work for you because you are going to the cross road city called La Virgen, where you are going out and catch bus or taxi colectivo to the San Juan del Sur. You are fine with Managua, Granada, Masaya or Rivas directions. San Juan del Sur does not have buses at that time.

- Taxi drivers are very good at hustling you and from the border, taxi charges $20 to San Juan, and if there are 4 of you, it is ok price ($5 each)for that trip. If you dont have friends, go to bus, it will cost you only $3-$4 to get to the San Juan.

- I got in the bus towards Managua, paid 20 cordoba, and got out on the cross roads of La Virgen. Cross the road, and wait on the curb. You can take bus (last one passing around 20:00) or a take cab. Bus is around 20-30 cordoba, taxi should be around 40 cordoba. If Taxi is asking for more dont do it. Regular price for colectivo from SJdS to Rivas is only 35 cordobas.

$1 = 22 cordoba

$1 = 500 colones

Good Winds

entertainment :)
Buses are in good shape
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