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I have recently purchased a flight to the USA. I have been doing some research into entry to the USA and came across the secure flight passenger data (SFPD). It says the name should match up with what is on the travellers government ID (passport). However, when I booked the flight the airline didn’t have an option to input your full middle name where my passport has my full middle name. Will this cause any issues when arriving at customs and immigration. I spoke to the airline and they inform me the full middle name would only be required for the API not SFPD which they collect at check in. On my booking under the SFPD is my first name, initial of middle name followed by surname, it also shows a green tick and says secure flight information on file. I don’t want to travel all the way to the USA only to be turned away as my middle name isn’t in full on the SFPD. Any information or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Also whilst on the subject of middle names, does the ESTA require a middle name as I didn’t see an option for this and again my passport has my middle name on there. I applied for the ESTA back in September without my middle name and was granted approval to travel.



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While traveling in other countries I've had many headaches because they've reverse my first and middle names.  Or they've truncated it due to available space.  Or its been only an initial instead of full spelling.  Or they assume my middle name is my last name.

However in USA, I'd like to say we are more cognitive of these subtle differences and would not cause problems.  While I've not had to do ESTA (since I'm American), I can say that the SFPD is flexible.


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I have the same problem as DaveSwede. I lived in Canada for 2 years and I can never check in online because my first and last name is 'reversed' in my passport. It was troublesome to go to the airport early to check in at the counter. Never have any problem at the immigration in any country because of my name.


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Immigration is not the problem. The problem will come when you want to go through security to get back on the plane. Which airlines are you flying? Sometimes a call to the airlines can get it corrected though their system.


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I was confused at first, because SFPD is also the abbreviation for San Francisco Police Department  smile

ANA concatenated by first and middle names (Miles David Smith became Milesdavid Smith) on a ticket to Japan, but that didn't cause any issues along the way.


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