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Minneapolis in June

Hi all,

I will be at a course in the University of Minnesota for a week in June (18th-22nd). I'd like to take the weekend before and/or after to have a look around the city. Any advice for must see/do things in the city for a 2-3 day trip in summer? I don't plan to rent a car so is it easy to get around and see the place by public transport and on foot?

Also I love running: is there anywhere to stay accessible to downtown that is near the riverside: I hear there are lots of parks and green spaces and would love to try them out for a run! If anyone could recommend a district or area that would work, that would be great smile

One more thing: if possible I'd like to get to see some "great outdoors", so are there any parks/forests etc accessible from the city without driving?

Thanks a bunch, looking forward to it!


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Re: Minneapolis in June

They have great public transport there, with a light rail and bus system.

It is actually one of the top US cities for outdoor running.

For some great outdoors close by, I would say Fort Snelling state park.



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Re: Minneapolis in June

google is your friend....look for a map at MPLS city parks.


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Re: Minneapolis in June

Minneapolis is a great area. There are hundreds of parks, lakes and rivers to enjoy. Whether you are on foot, bike, water skis, kayak or canoe... the water ways are wonderful.

Within the twin cities area, there's still lots of good parks. You could go over to the area around Lake Calhoun and either walk/jog/run through the old neighborhoods or rent a canoe and paddle through the connecting lakes (Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake). Its quite nice with the city skyline in the distance.

If you are into historical sites, I'd also give a second vote for you to visit Fort Snelling which is not far from the airport.

If you are looking for a day drip, go over to the town of Stillwater on the river at the border of Wisconsin.  Nice area, and plenty of do/see along the river.

There's a lot to do down by the river (Minnesota River), but honestly without transport, your options are limited.  You can do all sorts of boating, kayaking, canoeing, etc.  But I can't think of an easy way without your own transportation.

You say you like the great outdoors - 2 days is not enough, but maybe you could extend your trip either before or after - I would highly recommend a trip to Boundary Waters.  Search it on Google.  Its a massive park of thousands of lakes, crossing into Canada.  I've been four times, each time for a week.  It is a gem of Minnesota.  Maybe make some friends at the college course, ask around on social groups, etc., but if you can find your way up there for a few days, it is great that time of year!

& FYI, I might be back in Minneapolis in June to visit family.

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Re: Minneapolis in June

You can visit the Mall of America, close to the airport. Its selling point is that it's very large and includes an indoor theme park.


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Re: Minneapolis in June

Minnehaha park is also nice. It has a really pretty water falls there.


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Re: Minneapolis in June

Since you have no car and like to run I second the Minnehaha park idea. You can actually run along the Mississippi river from the U of M all the way to Minnehaha park. I used to do it back when I was a youngster on the track team.


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