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I am thinking about travelling to India for 1/2 months. I will be travelling alone. Do you think it is safe to travel India as a lone female?

I have read a number of blogs that are advising you start off in Goa, ideally, I did want to avoid tourist spots. Do you think starting in Goa would be better to meet people?


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Saint Malo, France
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Re: India

I am not female but with everything one reads today and after having travelled there with wife and two other women friends, both to Rajasthan and Southern India I wouldn't think it very advisable to go solo for a woman in India. But it's your choice....


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Re: India

You will be just fine. I have traveled India 3 times alone as a solo female but never encountered serious problems from being a female.

You just need to take a good care and use your common sense. I always try my best to follow my rules;

1) Avoid places where alcohol is served. Most serious sexual assault happens when alcohol is involved and majority of people are not used to consume alcohol and majority of people believe that decent women wouldn't drink. If you want to have your booze where it's not a resort for tourists, I'd highly recommend to do so at high-end hotel bars or buy a can or bottle and have it in your own room.

2) Avoid staying outside till late. If you do, do call a female only taxi. There're taxi companies that have only female drivers and only serve female passengers in big cities. You'll be completely fine if you're walking around where there're families, young women and kids around you.

3) Don't wear shorts. There are ladies who wear knee length skirts in big cities but I have never seen many ladies wearing mini skirts or shorts. You will stand out if you show your legs.
I'd recommend you to buy punjabi dress or long skirts and wear them in countrysides. Thin scarves is also nice to have. You can wrap your hair or arms when you don't want to stand out.

4) If you're stay in cheap guesthouses, try your best to pick family-run places. If you want to read the reviews on the internet, don't trust 100% and pick the new reviews. I have stayed at a guesthouse which was recommended by one of TB whom I thought was reliable, but after a while since she stayed there the last time, owner was changed and staffs there weren't very trustworthy. I've had some staffs hit on me at some guesthouses. With some extra budget, you can always cancel staying there for the last minute even you had problems with getting refund etc. If you had any uncomfortable experience with the accommodation staffs, don't risk your safety and move to the different one.

I don't prefer tourist spots either and have never even been to Golden Triangle or Goa yet but still met so many fellow travelers in India. I'm sure you will meet some people too.
And I have met some female travelers who have traveled India extensively but all say that India is one of the places where it's easy to travel if you take care of your own safety. Don't be too scared and trust your own guts. You'll be just fine.


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Couch Potato
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Re: India

Goa is a fantastic place to start. I've been there a couple of times myself but have to admit it wasn't a solo trip. It helps if you know the place a bit as opposed to being a complete newbie in the region. You need to take safety precautions here that need to be taken anywhere else..better to be safe than sorry. I'd ask the hotel for all possible assistance if I were you when heading out to sightsee. Don't take everyone at face value and trust your own research and you should be fine. Hope you have a nice trip!


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Couch Potato
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Re: India

To address your Goa question: Yes, starting in a bigger tourism destination such as Goa would certainly be a good way to meet people to travel with. You may have trouble if you jump right into a more remote destination.

Additionally, if you find travelling solo to be a sticking point for you, a small group cultural tour is always an option. Depending on your travel style and the places you want to visit, you can really find so many different choices. You mentioned as well that staying away from tourist spots is a priority. Perhaps surprisingly, a tour can be a great way to see lesser-known and not-as-often visited parts of India, such as the Eastern region.   

Happy travels! India is an amazing destination.


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