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Air Travel in Australia

Air travel in Australia.........how much cheaper is it to order tickets in advance compared to within a few days?

Here in the states you get punished severely if you don't get your tickets well in advance.

I was curious so I did a quick search experiment with ticket prices for getting around Australia. I searched the same flights within 1 week and then about 2 months out and it appeared that the price was close to the same. If that's true.... I am thrilled because I could be more flexible with my plans. If its not true then I will just have to be more diligent in my planning because my dream trip to Oz includes much flying.

My overall plan was to be flexible and if I liked an area I would stay longer...or not...etc



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Re: Air Travel in Australia

Hmmmm I’m not sure what you see. Booking in advance is always cheaper than a last minute. Australia has a few budget airlines but to get the fair price booking in advance in needed. I have my trip next year to OZ in May, I book all my domestic flights already.


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Re: Air Travel in Australia

sounds great smile yeah most of the flights to Australia with cheapest ticket you can found online travel agency..that is the best option i think..


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Re: Air Travel in Australia

Booking in advance is always cheaper and even the budget airlines (Tiger, Jetstar) could double in price if you book a week in advance instead of a month.

For Australia Webjet is one of the better online travel agencies for booking flights.


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