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Bangkok hotel recommendation?


Can anyone recommend a nice hotel in Bangkok that is suitable for all ages, children right up to grandparents, near Koh San Road and it would be a bonus if it had a pool for the kids? Its for a group holiday so need to book something nice in a good location.


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Re: Bangkok hotel recommendation?

Khao San Rd.  is not the best location in my opinion.  Look around Silom or Sukhumvit instead to be near transit.


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Re: Bangkok hotel recommendation?

In 2009 I stayed here - https://www.expedia.co.uk/Bangkok-Hotel … REQAvD_BwE - it llooks like it's gone a little further upmarket since we were here and I can't swear anything I'm about to say is still accurate as this was almost a decade ago.  But I doubt they've moved it, and it was a street or two away from Khao San. 

At the time, that meant that it still had lots of backpackers and travellers, but was quieter, much more suitable for people who are no longer into hostel life, and the hotel itself had a roof top pool.  The transport was easy - there used to be a specific backpacker bus from the airport that dropped you on the main road between Rambuttri and Khao San.  I don't know if that's still running, but with a family you may prefer a taxi anyway (make sure they run the meters). 

That said, I think if I returned to Bangkok I may well stay somewhere near the sky train.  Mostly because I suspect my little boy would just love skytrains as a concept.


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Re: Bangkok hotel recommendation?

Check Dang Derm Hotel http://www.khaosanby.com/ it has a rooftop swimming pool. We stayed at this hotel two years ago. The location of this hotel is in the middle of establishments in Khao San Road. It surrounded with shops, restaurant, pubs and the night market, so it can be a bit of noisy at night. Is a beautiful hotel with unique rooms and staff were very friendly and helpful.

Taxi from the airport it'll cost around 400-500 baht, the taxi driver will drop you off on the corner of Khao San Rd and this hotel is just one minutes walk as this hotel is in pedestrian area of Khao San

If I were you look a hotel around Sukhumvit, it is quite away from Khao San but you're near the sky strain. I'm going back to Bangkok next year in April I book a hotel near in Sukhumvit. Easy to get to from the airport with sky train and is much cheaper than taxi

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Re: Bangkok hotel recommendation?

I've stayed twice at the Rambuttri Village Inn & Plaza, which is about 200 metres from Kao San Road. Nice pool on the roof, and although I've never used it there is supposed to be another pool indoors somewhere. Shall be staying here again in March 2018. I booked through Booking.com for around 25€ for a double inc b/fast. A short walk takes you to the river for the river boats, but you are nowhere near the skytrain or metro.


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Re: Bangkok hotel recommendation?

Near Khao San, on Phra Athit Road the New Siam 2, or a bit more expensive the New Siam Riverside have both swimming pools and most of their rooms are quite, a express boat station is nearby (fast boats along the river, daytime only). The above mentioned Rambuttri Village is also good.

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