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Road trip in Texas over Easter break

Hey everyone,

I'm taking a trip to Texas from March 30-Apr 10th. We are flying into Houston and out of Dallas/Ft. Worth. We are renting a car and planning on spending a few nights in Houston and area (space center and Galveston). We would also like to see San Antonio, Austin, and the hill country in between. Is this good for 10 days? What are some good small towns to see in Hill Country (Gruene, Lukenback, Fredricksburg, are some that I've read about). Are these good for a few hours or worthy of an overnight stay? Thanks for any suggestions


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

Hi Dupree! I'm a born and raised Texan, so I'd love to help out! Make sure you spend a good day or two in San Antonio so you can see the River Walk and the missions around downtown. Its a fun city (I'm biased, I grew up there) and the Mexican food is so so good! Everyone is very friendly no matter where you go.

The hill country is definitely worth spending  a lot of your time. Check out Boerne for a quick day trip since its on the way from San Antonio out to Fredericksburg. Boerne is a German town and has a very cute square with a lot of great shopping. You could just drive through to have brunch at Bear Moon Bakery and walk through town. Also, Fredericksburg is a must if you are in the hill country. If you are going to spend the night in the hill country, this is the town I'd recommend. You could spend 1-2 days there hiking to Enchanted Rock, walking the town and going on a wine tour. Surprisingly, we've got some great vineyards!

From Fredericksburg you can follow 290 out to Lukenbach (only need a few hours to see that town) out to Austin. I would definitely spend a few days in Austin if you can. Its such a fun and quirky city with some of the best restaurants in the State.

Dallas is a 4 hour drive from Austin, if you don't hit traffic. 35 can be a nightmare so drive safe! Dallas doesn't have too much to see so I would stick to the San Antonio/Austin area for most of your stay.

Hope y'all have a great trip and love Texas!


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

The Kemah Boardwalk Amusement Park is near NASA.  Check out Lockhart, TX for barbecue near Austin.


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

As a possible stop between some of those destinations on the south end, just to take a break and stretch the legs, there are some historical towns with ties to the Revolution, such as Goliad and Gonzales.  If you're a history buff, they would give you a good warm-up for when you arrive in San Antonio.  Or if nothing else, they give you a chance to get off the big highways for some more scenic country views.


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

Be sure to check out the Museum District in Houston --- really offers a lot and a great area to walk around (Herman Park).

As other folks have shared, Austin is awesome and plenty to see/do in San Antonio (but nobody mentioned the Alamo, lol - a must, I have been there multiple times and still cannot get over how this historic site is embedded in the absolute heart of a major downtown).

Although Waco is not terribly interesting, it is nearby and there are a couple of good museums --> Texas Ranger Museum and the Dr. Pepper Museum.

It is a big state and plenty to do...enjoy!



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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

Thanks for the advice everyone! smile


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

San Antonio is a fun city, with its River Walk, Mission District, museums and Tower of the Americas.

About 20 miles north of San Antonio on Interstate Highway 35 is New Braunfels, a town with strong German roots. Just north of New Braunfels you will see signs directing you to Natural Bridge Caverns (a worthwhile cave to visit) and Gruene.

Gruene is a very small town. Other than stopping for a meal there at Gruene Hall, I'm not aware of much else that the town has to offer.

Continuing north another 20 miles, you come to San Marcos. The memorable thing to do there is ride the glass-bottom boats in Spring Lake (located on Aquarena Drive). I would recommend skipping Wonder Cave, which locals refer to as "wonder why we went."

Continuing north, in 30 miles you get to Austin, with its famous music scene and delicious BBQ. Also in Austin you will find the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library, the Blanton Art Museum, the State Capitol building and the Texas State Historical Museum (commonly referred to as "The Bullock Museum").

Continuing north another 20 miles you will drive right over Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown. That's because it was accidentally discovered while doing borings for construction of the IH35 highway. It's a beautiful cave.

Continuing north, Salado has some sights...but I don't exactly know what they are.

As you drive you probably will see lots of colorful wildflowers along the highways.

You are planning to go to Dallas, but that doesn't mean you should skip neighboring Fort Worth. There is lots to do in Ft. Worth, including the stockyards and some world-class art museums. You can go bar-hopping downtown at night and be perfectly safe. I think of Dallas as a city for business, and Ft. Worth as a city for fun.

Enjoy your stay in Texas.

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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break


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Re: Road trip in Texas over Easter break

Another question for everyone.

Is there tubing at that time of year? Or is it too early?? I'm hoping not!


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