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Travelling Overland Egypt to Djibouti

Hi, i am planning to fly into Cairo on the 3rd of January and plan to travel Overland to Djibouti over a course of around 3- 3 and a half months.
(1)I have heard the easiest place to get a visa for sudan is Aswan?
(2)I have an interest in visiting Eritrea, although I know it's a difficult visa to get,  im wondering if you can apply for it as a foreigner in Khartoum, and if it's possible to cross into Eritrea from Kassala? Or if you have to fly in and out of asmara due to travel restrictions in the country.
(3)Lastly I have read you cannot get an ethiopia visa at land borders, do I have to get one in the UK before travelling or are they easy enough to obtain in Egypt or sudan?

Thank you


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Re: Travelling Overland Egypt to Djibouti

You will not be able to cross the Eritrea / Djibouti or the Eritrea / Ethiopia border overland. The Ethiopian visa is cheap and easy in Addis Abeba airport, expensive and complicated for overland trips, probably best in London. Also the Djibouty visa is not easy (was traveling 2013 from Kenia,to Ethiopia, had planed Somaliland and Djibouti, was then too complicated).

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