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Re: #TENYEARSON - Celebrating 10 years of Unofficial TB meetups

globetrottingmike wrote:

northlight wrote:

So Mike are you organising a Bangkok meetup in February?  Is that what Jantima is referring to when she asked to help organise?

Hi Jon, i will be in Bangkok in Feb along with Darren. I am not planning to organise a big meetup in there in Feb, as I am only there for a couple of days and it is my first time in the city, so likely to feel over-whelmed anyway. So it like to take it all in and discover the city without organising anything. If Jantima and others are about then of course I will meet them for dinner.

Ok Mike thanks.  This is what I thought.  Maybe Jantima is wanting to organise another Bangkok meet up in line with your trip, because according to her profile she is in Nepal at the same time as the April meet up I'm organising.


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London, England
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Re: #TENYEARSON - Celebrating 10 years of Unofficial TB meetups

Thanks Jon, I will follow up with Jantima to clarify!


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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Re: #TENYEARSON - Celebrating 10 years of Unofficial TB meetups

Would attend Los Angeles...Vegas and  Help with Phoenix...Joy  will attend  Phoenix only  due to New Job  at 5 Hospitals


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