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Couch Potato
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Moving to New Zealand !

I'm planning on arriving in Auckland around April 2018, have yet to apply for visa but going to apply for working holiday !  I have a loose plan to stay in a hostel set up bank ac and find a job ! Hopefully do that for a few months then go to South Island for regional work and travel! Has any one got any tips of finding work or cheap places to stay while getting set up? Also in Australia I worked for a hospitality agency in Melbourne and loved it , is there anything similar in Auckland?
Any other advise is greatly appreciated! E.g. Setting up bank ac, hostel work to stay etc X


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Jamestown, Pennsylvania
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Re: Moving to New Zealand !

This makes me want to move to another country for a while. I had a friend live in England for a few years about 10 years ago. When you figure it out let me know I might start looking into doing this as well.

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