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Re: Trip around the U.S.

Orlando? A top city? More like a humid tourist disney trap.....


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Re: Trip around the U.S.

Bojasem wrote:

In my opinion

Atlanta cool but, not from 10 in USA and you will suffer from rain.

Austin cool but, I think it very good for 20s & music lover.

Vegas  one of the top 4 cities in US and I miss it.Furthermore,there are many activites in Vegas like
shows, like near vegas airport,canoying Ithink in Colorado,tour by helicopter and etc.

San Francisco  Amazing city ,friendly city.one of the top 3 cities in US.But,book early because hotels over
250 US and I remmber four season 400 USD when i visit it.Union square and Fisherman wharf are great

Portland are cool but , there are more beautiful destination like.

Aspen or Tutrile town in Colorado I think 4 houre from Denver airport.

San Diego. amazing beach and sight seeing.

Orlando It is one of top three cities in US.

Chicago fantastic city  and many thing to do.


While those aren't the cities I would pick, it is NOT helpful to pick flaws in somebody's plans as you do not know why those cities were chosen.  Perhaps the person is visiting relatives in those cities. 

When you are mentioning possible problems, for instance, rain is always a possibility anywhere on the east coast.  That's not a reason to skip the east coast - just bring an umbrella, or buy a raincoat when you get here.

Nothing has been said about wanting to go to the beach.  I'd like to go to San Diego, but it wouldn't be for the beach.  Beaches are nice to look at, but not everyone is a beach person.

And Orlando is not a fantastic city.  Some people like the theme parks - they are nice for the kids.    But central Florida was much nicer with more varied things to do before Disney came in and took it over. 

If you wanted to suggest things to do in the area of one of those cities (like things to do around Vegas - that's OK, but don't just go off suggesting things that are hundreds of miles away from the planned visit area.


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