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Manila Airport Recommendation

Can anyone recommend an airport at the hotel or close by? Dont want to go in to the centre of Manila if possible as have an early morning flight the next morning, so might as well stay as close to the airport as possible. Would rather a recommendation as usually 'airport hotels' are not near the airport when you actually arrive. Thanks.


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Re: Manila Airport Recommendation

It depends a bit at which terminal you arrive and leave, and which comfort you want. The different terminals are quite far from each other, NAIA Terminal 2 International is on the west side, a reasonable place in about 2,5 km distance would be the The Townhouse Hotel (http://www.asiabill.pages.qpg.com/id2.html), you can find it on booking engines, but don't book their dorm, a bit closer (2 km) and more expensive the Manila Airport Hotel and the Go Hotels Manila Airport Road. NAIA Terminal 3 (Cebu Pacific) is on the north eastern side, very close (1 km) but not cheap is the Manila Marriott Hotel, a little less the Remington Hotel and cheap the AAM TRANSIENT and GUESTHOUSE (1,8 km, don't know it)


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Re: Manila Airport Recommendation

Do you know which terminals are you flying?

Pasay, is a closest area to Manila international airport. Remember: how closer you want to the airport how more expensive the room. By the way, early in the morning is not that traffic in Manila

Check Asiatel hotel http://asiatelairporthotel.com/asiatel-pasay/,

I stayed with them two two years ago, I had an early flight to El Nido from terminal 2. Is about 10 minutes drive with taxi. Or else check around Pasay area

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Re: Manila Airport Recommendation

Depends on your budget and which terminal you're at.

If departing from Terminal 3, any of the hotels in the Resorts World Complex will do, though they are pricey. There is an enclosed pedestrian overpass called the "Runway" which was recently opened - it connects Resort World directly with Terminal 3 without need for a taxi or shuttle. Of course, there are also shuttles run by the hotels nearby.

Terminal 1 and 2 - there are also a few within a couple of kilometers. Just google them and find out which suits your budget and taste, including the distance. Don't worry about the traffic if you have to check in very early in the morning ... but after 6AM it will start piling up.

If you can easily wake up early in the morning, you're ok to stay in Makati Commercial Center area (Glorietta or Greenbelt). But make sure you leave before 5AM, otherwise I will recommend you stay in the airport area in Pasay.


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Re: Manila Airport Recommendation

Try to search at any BnB sites if you would want to search for the nearest places that you can stay. Paranaque has a lot of condominium units that you can stay, aside from the hotels around the airport road and nearby city, which is Pasay.

On the other hand, if you are going somewhere other than Manila, then consider the location, then the point of area in which you'll be traveling, and also your budget for this.

You have a lot of options around the metro, and for sure, you'll be able to get more options as you search and ask for questions in terms of that. Hoping you'll get that place or room that can make your stay in Manila enjoyable.
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Re: Manila Airport Recommendation

i have a friend who stays at Asia Hotel regularly and you can book a certain number of hours. It costs about 1000 pesos for a couple staying 6 hours.
I see that you are visiting Boracay so another option would be the Wings Lounge at T3 if you happen to be at that terminal.

I have not stayed at the Townhouse for about 4 years but it has been renovated so i hope it has improved sine then

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