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Regions on Travbuddy.

I know there are  no regions in Travbuddy's database. Ok; there are no Italians regions. So that I am not able to write any tips about the region where I live (Trentino Alto Adige) for instance.

I've discoverd some minutes ago that Transylvania is in Tb's database. If my memory serves me well, Transylvania is a Romania' 's  region. Am I right?

Could somebody explain to me this odd thing?


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Re: Regions on Travbuddy.

It would be impossible to include placenames of everything on earth in a database, but most well known place are there, even if a region. This is probably the case for Transylvania because it is a famous place or a member created the placename here. Fortunately, it is possible to create a placename on TravBuddy, but one must be careful to use correct spelling and decimal coordinates, otherwise this creates incorrect entries, of which there are some on TravBuddy. You can make the placename regions of Italy if you wish to do so:

See my TravBuddy-102 Guide, Part 3: TravBuddy add location map


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