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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hi! I'm my name is Elnatan. I was born in Israel grew up in the united states and travel as much as possible. I have a tendency of getting " stuck " when I like a place I visit. The longest place I got "stuck" was Cusco Peru and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. I eventually opened a travel agency there so if anyone has any questions about Cusco, Machu Pichu or any of the treks, attractions or any information I will be more than happy to help.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hi myself Saara Smith, I am new member for travelbuddy. Can anyone help me how to submit my views


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Eric wrote:

Are you a new member and not quite sure where to begin or what TravBuddy is all about? Make a post here and introduce yourself to the community! smile

Hi there, good day!

Im new here and not quite sure where to start.
Thank you for having me.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hell there, I've been away for a while.
I was in the Philippines, Boracay enjoying the beautiful beach summer.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hi everyone!
My name is Lauri and I am new to this place smile
Feels cozy here, so have a nice time posting here big_smile

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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

New here!
And looking forward to learn and share with you.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

I am newbie here. Please accept me guys. Thanks!


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hello Travbuddy,

I'm Helena Nguyen from Vietnam. I love travelling and love to learn about different people and culture all over the world. If any one of you need any advices about travelling to Vietnam, I'm here for your support.


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Neerpelt, Belgium
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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Welcome everyone!
If you have questions, spocklogic  wrote a user guide that might help
Have fun


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hello all. Im new here, just sign in 2 hours ago smile . IM from Asia but now living in Canada. I do love to travel. My next plans will be:

- Go travel to all cities in Canada
- Go visit all country in South America.. ( I went to Cuba last year, and wil fly to Dominican next month )

- Next week i will be in Ottawa. Anyone join me? smile

I love to meet new people, see new things...

Happy travelling to all <3 ,,

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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

I'm from London, England
I'm an agency Labourer in London and the South East of England.
My main/favourite agency gives me privileged access to bonafide landmarks and places of interest to me, a Londoner. - My first day with my favourite agency I went to a big tall building in The City of London, great views of The Gherkin (this building here that Londoners might think is cool)? - then that job lasted 1 day because it was my first day and I passed and they had me report to The Shard for 2 weeks up on the 30th floor an 20th (so up and down) and my canteen/cafeteria  and changing room and locker room was on the 13th... The security for this site was 2 hours long - The Shard, in Aug 2015 was fun. - that was 2 weeks, then after that, the very next job, I had the same client, so the same logo but different colour vest (no big deal) and because of the nature of The Gherkin and the site I was on, because it had some of the metal frame exposed for maintenance, I was glad to be working there but missed the luxury of The Shard..
Since then they've seen me to night work from 6pm - 6am at a higher rate at the Science Museum in Knightsbridge in 2016 followed by Sky Sports at the Sky Studios (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland television studio).
I've selfie'd with that Gold Plated Ferrari 458 in Chelsea once on my way home from work.
This year I've worked on Abbey Road Studios for a week in March but I've been focusing on my studios.
I'm living in Thornton Heath at Grandma's close to my school in Croydon and close to my Grandma.
I'm studying business and economics because I sent myself back to school because I registered a business in Soho and it's in R&D while I learn and study business in Croydon.

So far I've been to..

Brighton, England
Hastings, England
Little Hampton, England,
Worthing, England
Bournemouth, England
Southampton, England
Hove, England
The Isle of Wight, England .
Southend-on-Sea, England
Dover, England
Alfriston, England
Crowborough, England
Ipswich, England
Bristol, England
Oxford, England
Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Stoke-On-Trent, England
I've been through Coventry, England
spent 20 minutes in Birmingham, England

When I first left England, it was to Philadelphia, PA, USA.
I used London's Gatwick Airport for that one.

In November 2001 I;
Landed in PHL.
Took I-95 to Willow Grove, PA, 19090, USA where I resided in America that fortnight, even got mail from England sent to me there those 2 weeks since I turned 15 in America anyway; like cards from England - If I ever had to produce ID and an address; this was it.

I liked it in Willow Grove, PA after settling into America.
From there I got to see;
Center City / Philadelphia, PA
Hershey, PA, went on the factory tour ride.
Scranton, PA, and home via New Castle, DE to see friends of the family.
Weekends were always spent at Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, USA near the boardwalk there. - If I ever had to produce ID and an address in NJ, this what it, my NJ place of residence.
From Seaside Heights, Saturday, road trip (same 1997 Nissan Sentra with PA plates that I drove in parking lots learning how to drive it).. went to Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA.
Parked in NJ, took like a taxi boat to Battery Park, saw/smelt Ground Zero still smouldering, loved NYC because to me, it reminded me of England/home/London, my part of England..
I went to the NBC building in NYC, saw Time Square, bought a postcard there and sent it to a class friend of mine in England (this was during term/semester), travelled around Manhattan by the New York City Subway, got my MetroCard that day to do that
Saw Central Park where John Lennon was shot and some of where they filmed the movie Coming to America..
I went through Jersey City to get there and (That was Ghetto).. Least the part I saw.
.. Also passed this Ikea by Newark Airport too going to NYC.
I saw NYC still grieving after 9/11 with all the flowers, candles, missing posters and everything.
Liberty Island was closed, but from a distance I saw it; and on that Taxi Boat to and from the car in NJ, I saw The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler Building too I think. Then that night I went home/Seaside Heights, NJ, on the Jersey Shore, had pizza, found they don't do chicken pizza in that country and saw Little Nicky (2000) on HBO; I'd never heard of it before, and I saw it that night after having came back from there/where the movie was set/New York City..
It really did surprise me when I was there.
It felt like I was in London, but in America.
That was something that put London into perspective for me.
That was eye opening.
I didn't even get that in Philadelphia...
Love Philadelphia, I saw, in 2001, the Philadelphia Independence Hall and took the tour and touched the Liberty Bell at the National Park there..
I saw the fields where the Hindenburg Disaster happened.
I drove and saw Fort Dix.
My sister in NJ married into a military family got married on this base, I never went to her wedding.
Celebrated Thanksgiving in Toms River, NJ that day as well, drove in from PA.

then I returned to America in 2004 for my brother's wedding in June; spent 2 weeks in Willow Grove, PA, 19090 and weekends in NJ, Seaside Heights, 08751..
1 night I remember a friend from Guyana took me and my other brother from England to Philadelphia one night and she was cool.
Thanks to her, I got to run up the stairs at the Philadelphia art museum and see the city at night. She lived in Norristown.

All my brother's friends were great.
This girl from CA we had dinner with in 2001, this Guyanese girl in 2004, this guy in Bristol, PA who sold us Philadelphia Flyer's stuff at this ice rink there in 2001; Also saw Jet Li's the One (2001) in the theater in Bristol, PA there in November that night.
In 2004 my brother had a 2004 Honda Accord Coupe, stick shift, I was 17 when I drove that around a parking lot; one of the first things we did that night when I landed was see who could drive it, was a fun night, I surprised my brother that I could drive a manual (but I'm from London and London's in a country where you need to drive one to get your full license) so... I learnt at an early age, that 1997 Nissan Sentra in 2001 was an automatic.
In 2004 I flew from London's Heathrow Airport to PHL.

In September 2015, I first left the English speaking world, went from Vauxhall, London on a chartered party bus at midnight, arrived in Dover, England, Dover, England - Calais, France Calais, France - Amsterdam, NL. via a field in Belgium.
The coach took around the same time it takes to fly from London - Philadelphia.
The ferry adds on 90 minutes, but you get to walk around and it's fancy with duty free shops and stuff to do.
On the way back to London, stopped at Verne, in Belgium.
Went in June 2016, same thing.
Only, when I got to 'Dam (Amsterdam); the guy at the Hotel, the guy at the coffee house and even this house cat that belonged to the hotel next door, remembered me - 'I'm known in Amsterdam'.

Small world though, I met a couple in Amsterdam who lived in London who remembered me from that week before in Soho doing my Saturday job there.. Small world.

I remember now, in 1999, my school took me P,E class on a VIP tour around the original Wembley Stadium, that was cool, saw a member of the band Oasis walking around having their own tour too since they were due to play there our tour guide said. Had a cool package like, got to see everything but wasn't allowed on the pitch and...Held a mock world cup in the same box where England held the real one in 1966...

My Japanese Class at Coulsdon College were invited to the Embassy of Japan in London for a Tea Ceremony in our honour, donned a Kimono for that one..

I'm probably neglecting a bunch of places I've been but...
This is where I've been, seen, so far, the places I've been, and I'm fortunate for it.
In America I had Cheesesteak and Water Ice in PA, and those big soft pretzels too. mmmm...
I've learned that a doughnut in America and a doughnut in England and a doughnut in The NL look the same, but are completely different animals.
I don't think much of UK doughnuts out of all the different country doughnuts I've tried.

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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hello Everyone. I am Bonnie from Kenya. I came across this site as i was just researching about great places to Visit since i do love traveling. Thanks to whoever is behind this great site. They Provided us with a platform to interact with other travelers, make new friends and learn more about what other countries have to offer in terms of Travel.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

I'm retired & I'm available to visit other locations with a travel buddy if the situation is right. I'm an easygoing, punctual type of person & I enjoy the outdoors for scuba, snorkeling, surfing, body boarding & even taking night time animal tours in the jungle. If you'd like to talk more about sharing info, you're welcome to contact me. I also might be able to show you around Austin, TX if you might be willing to do the same in a city I'd want to visit. I'd be open to eventually locating a travel partner to ultimately visit Costa Rica.

I spent 2 years based in Holland while living with parents in 1969-1970 & traveled to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Greece, Austria,  & the Isle of Man. Since then I've been to CA 5 times, Hawaii twice, Mexico (Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan) Jamaica, Belize, & Martinique. I really like coastal areas, what about you? Have you wanted to visit the "River City" to explore the rivers, springs & lakes, not to mention the music scene?


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hi Everyone,

Iam Jasem, from Cochin, presently living in Bahrain. Found this site while planning my next trip. Amazing how many of us are so passionate about travelling and experiencing new culture.
Hope to find more time to get to know all.


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

Hi Travbuddy community, I am a belgium citizen that loves to travel 4 years ago i ended up in Nepal and havent left since then i got maried here and residing here. If anybody need info on this beautyful country let me know. we should help each other


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

I can't believe it's taken me so long to come across this site. It is amazing! So much useful information and helpful advice. My name's Danny and I'm currently in Bristol, UK, but like most others here I guess, I love to travel. I've recently started full time work on my new site, Coddiwomp, which is designed to help aspiring first time travellers take the plunge! I'd love you guys to check it out on Facebook @coddiwomp and on Instagram @coddi_womp. Otherwise, I'll look forward to reading and interacting more on here and hopefully becoming an active member of this community. Happy travels everyone smile


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Re: New Members: introduce yourselves! :)

WOW been close to a year having no Birthdays REALLY  miss that  esp  2 days ago on mine>Last year I  had ALMOST 100 greetings from around the world  This year WITHOUT this feature  1..From OLD TB Friend in Indy,In..GUESS If I miss....... HOW MANY OTHERS MISS that....?????????

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