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Leonardtown, Maryland
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Re: cost of a smile in Sydney Australia?

Teenagers in many places act that way.  It's part of being that age.  It's not endemic to Australia.


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Re: cost of a smile in Sydney Australia?

changer7 wrote:

Grandmar is correct, the feeling I got in sydney is that you can't even look at people you don't know even if you are not trying to flirt with them. No one seems approachable, people just put on an arrogant face like they don't know you. It's like no one is human and in their own world. This is especially true amongst young people who go to university.

If you try to look at woman to make a conversation with them they just look away as if you stole something, people are not approachable.

It's not my imagination. It feels like a robotic society with no courtesy. Even on public transport people don't show any manners like excuse me, and don't even say thank you or make eye contact.

You should visit Japan if you are looking for friendly people. Your eyes will be open how Japanese being so polite

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