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Want to travel the world for free?

Want to travel the world for free?
In March 2018 my plans are to purchase a 30ft sailing boat, while learning to sail I will make short trips around the coast of The United States and Mexico. Once I'm confident in my sailing abilities, my plans are to sail to Hawaii, then from there the world is an open map.

A little about myself... I worked in law enforcement for ten years till I finally realized that I need to start living my life instead of working my life a way. My plans are to purchase a sail boat in March of 2018 and start traveling the world. I have travel very frequently when I was younger, traveling to over twenty countries. It was something I have been missing and I am dedicated to return to.

I am looking for partner, man, woman it doesn't matter, as long as you are trust worthy and willing to pitch in. If you have a destination in mind I can almost guarantee we will get there at some point.

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