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Hostels with a great social atmosphere


I am traveling solo in November to Ireland, England and France (potentially Amsterdam for a bit as well depending on my time) and I was wanting to find the best hostels for a single female traveler to stay in!

I am 24 and Australian so I am looking for hostels with a social atmosphere as I am super keen to meet as many people as possible on my travels. Essentials for me would be excellent location, clean, female dorms and even a hostel bar/events to meet people smile

I am read one too many hostel write ups and would love some genuine feedback!

p.s I totally fine with "party" hostels or noise, and I am not afraid of a beer or two smile haha

Maddie smile


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Vienna, Austria
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Re: Hostels with a great social atmosphere

Hostels in France (except Paris and a few other places) are not easy to find, was recently in Bordeaux (only 2, the Scool Hostel Bordeaux was good), Toulouse (also only 2, the La Petite Auberge de Saint-Sernin was good), Corsica (didn't find anything on the coast, in the mountains you have to look for Gites or Refuges, the Refuge a Vizzavona was good), Strasbourg (the Ciarus was good), Avignon (the Bagatelle was good), soome time ago Saint-Malo (the Centre Patrick Varangot was good). For youth hostels (sometimes no other reasonoble accomodation in the place) you have to use their own website https://www.hihostels.com/de/search/hos … &d=fr.


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Re: Hostels with a great social atmosphere

There are so many hostels in Amsterdam with the links you can determine which hostel good for you to stay

http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/ne … amsterdam/

For France you didn't mentioned where or which city, France is huge.



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Re: Hostels with a great social atmosphere

If you have no issue with the privacy matters and looking for social parties and groups then i think the best to plan with couchsurfing[dot]org. They help to meet the social groups and you can meet new people from those locations. Its cheaper then any hostels as well. Find the host for you in that location and share you plan with them.


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