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London, England
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Idiotic question time from me again about hotel reviews.

I am getting reasonably caught up  on my latest blog thankfully and want to write some hotel reviews now but it appears there are two ways of doing it.  If I have it right, which is doubtful, I can either post a hotel review directly when I write a journal entry or I can go to the "write a review section" and work from there.  Is there any  advantage to either system or do they all end up in the same place?  Also, I see that the one method apparently requires a minimum of 50 characters and the other 500.  Is this just a typo or are they really two completely different entities?  If it is a typo in the site, which is correct?

As always, thanks for your assistance in advance.


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Poquoson, Virginia
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Re: Idiotic question time from me again about hotel reviews.

I don't think it matters which method you use to write a review (top of TravBuddy page or from a blog entry) and they both go to the same query windows. All reviews on TravBuddy must be a minimum of 450 characters.

Some other guidance:
1.) Reviews for MHHR Award points must be a minimum of 100 words
2.) Reviews that count for Critic Award and Bedbug Awards must be 500+ characters
3.) Review names are limited to 50 characters

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