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Re: First time in India

Totally agree here, India is a beautiful country with a lots of historical, travel friendly places, temples and many more. I would recommend you to visit in north India too. You will enjoy a lot.


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Re: First time in India

If its your first trip to India, you may be in for a short cultural shock. Don't be alarmed, but just ease yourself into it and you will experience the love the people have to offer.

Don't panic when you are travelling in a taxi, those people have the necessary skills to get you safely to your destination. They would often use the wrong side of the traffic lane, but they know what they are doing. Orientate yourself with directions so you will not be "taken for a ride".....

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Re: First time in India

I have to agree with many of the others that 2 weeks is just not long enough to travel in the south and in the north. If you are meeting your friends in Trivandum i suggest spending a day or two at the wonderful beach at Kovallam, just south of the city. Another point of interest is that you say you will be traveling to Delhi and you friends will go on to Goa after you fly out, but this will mean that they backtrack as Goa is between Delhi and the south. There are so many interesting place to see in the south---Alleppy and the backwater trips, Mysore, Jog falls, Ooty. Perhaps you should reconsider and you and your friends end up in Goa where you can fly home and they can continue to Delhi and the north.
If you do decide to end up in Delhi i recommend a day or two in Udaipur, a wonderful picturesque city by a lake.

By the way, back in '93 it took me two months to travel from Delhi to Kovalam

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Re: First time in India

India is beautiful! There are lots of places to visit. It is up to what kind of trip that you want to have! Personally, Agra and Goa are the two most interesting places to visit!


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Re: First time in India

travellisa wrote:

India is beautiful! There are lots of places to visit. It is up to what kind of trip that you want to have! Personally, Agra and Goa are the two most interesting places to visit!



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Re: First time in India

bhush2006 wrote:

Hi Raj

Haha I dont know at the moment whether its gonna happen in 2017. But lets plan for it... People will fall in....Need to chalk out itinerary carefully because the distances are enormous from JBerg to Capetown... Travelling by train en-route sounds good.. Lets also talk to Andi if she will be in SA during that time.. Remember, I had posted about Namqualand (An area near Capetown where u get to see a Sea of wild flowers during specific time).. So also need to consider that. I suggest u also start reading about it and lets plan something concrete :-)


sky69 wrote:

bhush2006 wrote:

I just checked for some random dates. Mumbai-Johannesburg-Mumbai Return fare for Ethiopian Airlines is showing as INR 20,312 i.e. 304 USD

Checked for 09 Aug,2017 to 18 Aug 2017.. Just a random selection of dates for fare checking.

@ Bhushan , air-fare looks good !
Is this gonna happen in 2017 ???
Coz i saw few buddies discussing about Mongolia trip around same time.....,
I prefer South-Africa over Mongolia in 2017..., There is always next time for Mongolia !!! lol

OK this discussion happened before the Cambodia meetup earlier this month.

Now that we have gotten together and discussed the next places to go (and to keep on topic), here is the forum discussion for the November/December 2018 TravBuddy meetup in India organized by Jon (northlight). Interested TravBuddies you have about 20 months to plan for this event with us!


And here is the meetup ID for those who would like to confirm or put themselves as a maybe - route is for the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur):



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Re: First time in India

If you are travelling to India then you must experience the culture of India. Best places to visit in India are Goa, Srinagar, Andaman & Nicobar, Leh - Ladakh, Banaras, Mumbai, Coorg, Munnar, Kumarakom, Kolkata, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Agra, Kerala, Thar Dessert, Nizamuddin Dargarh, Kasol, Cherrapunji, Hampi, Mathura, Amritsar and many more.


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Re: First time in India

jethanad wrote:

I would go hiking before spending significant time in the cities. Kerala is very  nice,  but during October  Northern India will be at its finest.

You will spend too much time travelling if you try to cover  North and South in one trip, I would recommend you break up your trips and surely 2 weeks will not be enough

It is a vast country area wise and as many of the travellers have here recommended that it is better to focus on one region. North would be very pleasant in October and in my opinion it is difficult to cover even North in two weeks time. Just visiting and touching the places does not make sense to me. There is so much Leh Ladakh which is better by road during May to August and would consume around one week's time entering from Srinagar and exit from Manali but it is not advisable to roam around in Srinagar due to some disturbance there otherwise it is a very nice place with lots to see, going to Leh Ladakh is not a problem anyhow. While back from manali two day stay can be planned here, there you can find lot of hiking and trekking sites,  then looking into here in North you can cover Amritsar, Wagah (India Pakistan) border for two days, Rajasthan with a day trip to Agra  would minimally require a week's time to explore and weather condition would be good during october. Delhi again for two days so it is advisable that you either spend two weeks time in North covering Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Punjab and little bit of Himachal or South which may not be very pleasant weather wise but because of shoulder season traveling there would be economical. Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Cochin, Munnar, Alleppy, Alapuzha / Kumarakom (houseboat stay) backwaters, there are plenty of other places to see. So the idea is that even two weeks time is not enough to cover only south. Look into your interest and plan accordingly.


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Re: First time in India

Check out the Silent Valley National Park for hiking in Kerala - huge trees, lots of green, rivers, waterfalls, great views and lots of wildlife!


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Re: First time in India

Since you have only 2 weeks, your schedule would definitely be a busy one. in Kerala you can explore two of the widely known options Munnar, Alleppey. spend 1 day each there. Then go to Delhi from there you can also visit Agra for Taj Mahal and can go for trekking in the Himalayas from there you can decide your trip according to your priorities.


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Jaipur, India
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Re: First time in India

good action plan friend. India is one of the best place to explore heritage, culture ,food, languages, palaces &forts and the cameric beauty is unable to explain..
hope u have a great time and fun..
Enjoy dear.. smile


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Re: First time in India

Hi All friend,

Welcome in India,really you are enjoying lots of fun.


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Re: First time in India

Best Places to explore in India are: Goa, Mcleodganj, Srinagar, Scuba Diving, Leh-Ladakh, Banaras, Mumbai, Coorg.


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Re: First time in India

Hello, it is difficult to do south and north India but not impossible if you have pre decided your itinerary. As per my recommendation you can have a great start in Kerala for one week. Visit Trivandrum, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Cochin. Enjoy backwater rides, spa and much more.
You have to see capital of India - Delhi. You just cannot miss Delhi. You can have a three day stay at Delhi and here are some of the best things to do in Delhi.

Visit historical monuments and temples like Akshardham Temple
Go shopping on local streets
Take a day outing at Brajgram
Dine at desi vibes to experience authentic Delhi food.
Go clubbing
Experience theme parks like AppuGhar
Pamper yourself with spa at Blue Terra

Later you can go to Jaipur and Jaisalmer for historical sight seeing and in Jaisalmer you can live in camps. You will have a great time.

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Re: First time in India

If you are visiting India first time and you want to visit Kerala(southern part of India) as well as Delhi, agra (which are northern part of India) than 2 week is to much less time for it. anyways you can visiting at Kerala than must visit Agasthyakoodam its nearer to Trivandrum ,Thoovanam Waterfalls which is Nearer Munnar. when you are visitng at northern side that time must visit at Agra , Delhi , Jaipur , jaisalmer.  Trust me it will be great fun.

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