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Couch Potato
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Punta Cana - from airport to Bavaro


I'm trying to look for information regarding public transport (buses/vans) from the international airport in Punta Cana to Bavaro, anyone has any info? Or its better to get a taxi?


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Pemberton, New Jersey
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Re: Punta Cana - from airport to Bavaro

Are you staying at a hotel, resort, airbnb, hostel? That matters because most hotels/resorts will supply the transport. If not, you're looking at what I think is a 30-45 minute taxi ride...it's been a few years for me, but when I went there I stayed even further north going from the airport past Bavarro and it took like an hour.


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Couch Potato
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Re: Punta Cana - from airport to Bavaro

Thank you both for the hints, and to TravelingCHris, I will stay in a hostel, and they are offering airport transfer.

Given the case, I will do my transfer with the service offered by the hostel

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