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Essex, England
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Backpacking Morocco help.

Hi, my previous travels have been pretty plan free as i have been on extended trips, so just took it easy,  for Morocco i only have 24 days, so a decent amount of time but feel i should have a loose plan to make the most of my time, without it dictating my whole trip.

Places i am planning on visiting:

- Marrakech (fly in and out from here)
- Fes
- Meknes
- Casablanca
- Chefchaouen
- Essaouira
- Ait benhaddou (thinking of staying the night here, on the way to sahara)
-Merzouga (go solo by bus, and arrange camel tour,  desert camping from here)?

Any other places i should check out? i am a solo backpacker 23, just trying to work out the best route and how long to stay in each place as i only have 24 days.

Thank you smile


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Saint Andrews, Scotland
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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

From Marrakech to Fes, if you take the train you'll have to pass through Casablanca and Rabat, and it is worth spending a day or two in either or both of these cities. Compared to the other big cities, they're not as touristy so I experienced a lot less hassle. Rabat has more to see, with some grand monuments, a nice medina and a kasbah overlooking the river mouth. Casablanca has the huge Hassan II mosque by the sea (the only mosque non-Muslims can enter in Morocco I think), and is a good place to experience modern urban Morocco, although it's not the most beautiful city.

From Meknes, you can easily make a day trip to the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and walk a couple of kilometres to the old town of Moulay Idriss spread over two hills. I liked Meknes a lot, very relaxed compared to nearby Fes.

Morocco is quite an easy country to travel around spontaneously. I never had any issues with finding transport. Trains are the best way to travel between the big cities, much better than the trains we have here in the UK, and I found taking "grands taxis" more comfortable than buses, and more flexible (they leave whenever they have enough passengers, and on popular routes I never had to wait long).

have a good trip smile


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Vienna, Austria
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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

Fez and Marrakesh where for me the most interesting places, I did like also Tangier  and Ouazazarte, in case you do kitesurfing the bay next to Ad Dakhla might be interesting


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Essex, England
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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

thanks for the help, i had a great trip to Morocco. smile


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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

Give us some highlights if you could. Visiting a friend in casablanca but only have about 2 weeks total this time. I was gonna do the Tangier to Casa line on the train and see Asilah and Rabat also. I guess Marrakesh is a must no?


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Bendigo, Australia
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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

jake0020 wrote:

thanks for the help, i had a great trip to Morocco. smile

love to see photos if you have any. smile


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Pemberton, New Jersey
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Re: Backpacking Morocco help.

I'm especially interested in Marrakesh and Chefchaouen for later this year. Please post your blog and pics to share the knowledge!

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