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Help pls! US internet connection

Hey there! I need some advice on internet connection abroad. I'm traveling to the US in April for work. And as my work heavily relies on internet connection, I'd be glad if there's any recommended network for cheap roaming or other ways to avoid bill shock. I know the US major networks have provided unlimited data plan but has anyone actually tried it? Do you recommend it? I don't want to go through the fuss with sim cards so would be great if anyone could share their thoughts on similar situation! Thanks a lot!


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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

You may be able to use prepaid services, which are available everywhere -- supermarkets, Walmart, etc.

Consumer Cellular floods the airwaves with commercials, mostly geared toward seniors, about how cheap they are.



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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

hi there! Thanks for the info. I was googling some data plans and stumbled upon sth called pocket wifi in the US, have you heard of it? Thanks!


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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

I think I have heard of that, but when I looked at it (and I'm not sure that is the same as what I looked at) it didn't seem to be anything I could use.  What I dimly remember is that it will try to hook you into available networks. 

Are you using a phone type interface? (as opposed to a computer or tablet).  There are places that have free wi-fi and I usually stay at hotels where the internet is free (using a laptop) and I have an iPhone but mostly I use the iPhone for maps when I'm not at home and do the internet at night.


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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

I have used a pocket wifi before but never in the US. I believe data is more expensive in the US than some other countries so you might want to factor that in too.


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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

Hey Grandmar,
Yes I did some search about it. It's like creating a mobile hotspot. So basically the device is supported by local cellular network, once you switch it on, you can connect your phone or tablets to that hotspot. I think it's quite techy and useful! I might be using both my phone and my laptops during my travel. I mainly want to use for navigation so would be great if I could connect to internet anytime, just in case. Thanks!

Hi TravelloC.
You have?! That's great! Can you tell me about your experience? It's my first time hearing it so still not quite sure about its quality etc. Which pocket wifi did you use and for which country? I'm look at some companies like tepwireless, ivideo, mywebspot that covers network in the states. Would be great to get some insight on this! Thanks!


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Re: Help pls! US internet connection

I believe that four companies actually have networks in the US...ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. All other companies buy minutes from one of those 4 companies. IMHO Verizon has the most-extensive coverage, but actually they all are good.

You may find that the signal from one or the other does not reach into a particular office or valley, but they all are good.

And yes, free wifi is available in many, many places here in the US.

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