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Newquay, England
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Brazil In January

So, it's a long way off but I'm thinking of taking a month out and headed over to Brazil for the whole of January 2018.

Itinerary is loose, Rio will be my arrival destination.

I'm a keen surfer and would love some advice regarding some surf breaks for tan intermediate level surfer in and around Rio. I hear Florianopolis is also a great place to visit for the surf too ... Anywhere else i should consider?

Also, how easy is it to travel around Brazil using the local bus network (long and short journeys) with a surfboard?

Is Brazil a particularly expensive place to visit?

Any info would be much appreciated!


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New Delhi, India
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Re: Brazil In January

Brazil is huge and some places, including Rio, are more expensive than others. I'm not clued in on the surf scene, but Rio is superb - do spend some time there.


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Re: Brazil In January

Florianopolis has excellent beaches, nice atmosphere and good nightlife, a real surfing area, but is quite expensive compared to other places

Check -Grumari and Praia da Macumba this are less crowded than Florianopolis

I have no experience with bus in Brazil we have a car, but I think surfboard allowed to store under the trunk

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