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1 Month Backpacking Peru Itinerary Check

Hi, I plan on going to Peru for the first time in the end of May until the end of June. I have made a draft itinerary and wanted to check with you your opinions, recommendations, experiences, etc.
I chose Huaraz over Puno, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon Jungle (Puerto Maldonado), is this a good choice or no? I am open to any possible changes (make the trip longer, shorter, add places, skip places, etc.)

Day 01 -> Arrival + Lima
Day 02 -> Lima + Bus to Ica
Day 03 -> Ica + Huacachina (Dune buggy + Sandboarding) + Night bus to Arequipa
Day 04 -> Arequipa
Day 05 -> Arequipa
Day 06 -> DIY Colca Canyon Trek
Day 07 -> DIY Colca Canyon Trek
Day 08 -> Plane to Cusco + Cusco
Day 09 -> Cusco
Day 10 -> Cusco
Day 11 -> Lares Trek to Machu Picchu
Day 12 -> Lares Trek to Machu Picchu
Day 13 -> Lares Trek to Machu Picchu
Day 14 -> Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu day)
Day 15 -> Cusco + Plane to Lima
Day 16 -> Lima + Night bus to Huaraz
Day 17 -> Huaraz
Day 18 -> Santa Cruz Trek
Day 19 -> Santa Cruz Trek
Day 20 -> Santa Cruz Trek
Day 21 -> Santa Cruz Trek
Day 22 -> Huaraz + Night bus to Lima
Day 23 -> Lima + Flight back home


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Re: 1 Month Backpacking Peru Itinerary Check

In my opinion the Lares trek is not what it seems, to me it was not worth it, but i really think that Titicaca lake is a must do in Peru. You should really think about doing some of the northern Peru route departing from Huaraz, going to Chiclayo or Cajamarca, passing by Cachapoyas ( to me the highlight of the route, amazing pre inca culture and the most amazing landscapes), ending in Iquitos. So in my opinion, if you can afford it, you should totally make the trip longer. For me the north of Peru was far superior than the south. You can get info in a blog that i used. I cant leave you the link right now but just search in google, travelnorthperu.

Hope it helps you.


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Re: 1 Month Backpacking Peru Itinerary Check

I'm doing pretty much the same thing but doing Lake Titicaca instead of Huaraz. Saving the north for another trip.

Have you booked your Lares Trek yet? That's the one I'm looking at doing when I'm there but there are different routes depending on which company. Would be interested in hearing what you thought of it when you get back.


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Re: 1 Month Backpacking Peru Itinerary Check

I have to agree with previous posters that you should not miss lake Titacaca-- a wonderful experience.  i would also spend another day in Lima as there are lots to see.
There are so many things to see in Peru you just have to pick the best but i enjoyed Nazca lines (flight), Chan Chan, Ballestas Islands where there is so much wildlife.

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