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Tel Aviv accommodation

I'm going to spend almost 3 months in Tel Aviv (April-June) and  I was wondering whether any of you would advise regarding an accommodation.
Obviously, I am looking for something reasonably low priced, preferably an apartment, however, I do not mind sharing. I will be busy working at the university, therefore I need an easy access to the uni.
I would appreciate any suggestions.


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Re: Tel Aviv accommodation

Tel Aviv is probably the most expensive location in the country and it would be almost impossible to get a short term rental there. However you can look in Ramat Gan which is very close to Tel Aviv and you can find reasonable apartments there. If you read Hebrew you can look on some websites like yad 2 or on some FB pages where people are looking for flatmates.Good luck


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Re: Tel Aviv accommodation

I would suggest trying a hostel or something of that nature closeby, even couch surfing will be good for you.

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