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Re: What is your Carry on bag?

Hey, I have the Gregory 35 backpack too and I love it as well!  Being in the states, as long as you don't fully pack it full you won't be charge with it.  It does matter with the airlines too, but I haven't had an issue were the alirline have charge me at the gate.  Hope this helps.


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Re: What is your Carry on bag?

Hello Calvin, I am absolutely agree with you. I also like to carry duffle bag whenever I am going for a business trip or somewhere else. The main reason is that it is very spacious and comfortable. Let me know , Where you bought duffle bag from?


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Re: What is your Carry on bag?

nolan wrote:

I use an Eagle Creek Exploration 2 Switchback Max 25 (this is the older version, as mine is 5 years already). It has a detachable daypack which is considered a "personal item" but I use it as my carry-on piece instead. If I travel heavily I will likely bring a separate carry-on pack but I don't really do so because these three pieces will hinder my mobility. See picture below with daypack attached to the main pack.


If using a carry-on plus a personal item, I bring my Sierra Designs AT7 spinner 22" carryon, it is quite light and I have no problems making it fit in the sizing frame or within the 7 kgs. weight limit on LCCs. It's a 3-in-1 bag, I can use it as spinner luggage, a duffel style bag, or as a backpack.


I have recently added to my collection the carry-on version of the Eagle Creek Switchback:


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