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England, United Kingdom
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Recommendations for long transit in Dubai

Just had an email saying my flight home from Manila has changed and now I will end up with a 13 hour transit in Dubai.
The problem is, the delay is over night (10pm - 11am)

Would be grateful for any suggestions as to what (if anything) I could do.



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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Re: Recommendations for long transit in Dubai

It's a difficult one. It would probably take you until midnight just to get out of the airport. If it's the weekend there will be more to do. Plenty of the pubs/bars will still be open but not much else. The Irish Village is close by if you want a beer or two but Dubai is expensive for alcohol.
You could get a taxi into the city and then have a wander around. I would suggest old Dubai down by the Creekside to see the real Dubai. Maybe a sunrise over the Creek down by the British Embassy.
The Metro will not operating again until 0530 so again taxis would be the only way.


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England, United Kingdom
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Re: Recommendations for long transit in Dubai

Thanks Chris,

Unfortunately its on a Sunday evening.
I might take a taxi out to old town, just to get some fresh air for an hour or so.


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Re: Recommendations for long transit in Dubai

As suggested Old Dubai area around creek is good, you can also go to the Dubai mall to see the musical fountain if you can make it before close (I believe they close around 11 pm), you can then get some food at the food court of the the mall/ restaurants close to the fountain, they are open till 12am or go to the food streets like Al Diyafa( also known as 2nd December street) where are there many restaurants /cafes to try local food or go to some club/ restaurant which gives you good views of the city

http://www.visitdubai.com/en/see-thrill … s-in-dubai

the metro runs till 1am so you might be able to take that on your way out from the airport, you just check the last departure time at the airport as this differs from station to station by sometime...

Note: Things are different during the Holy month of Ramadan, so if you are travelling during that time things could be different..

Some previous discussions on the same


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