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Book exchange - save the culture


So would any body be interested in a book exchange

Read below

Love books?

You can be anywhere in the world, the further we get, the better!

All you have to do is buy a book and send it to one person. You will receive approximately 36 books back.📚

If you are interested reply below, I will then send you over the details.

You then would respond on the forum saying something like "im in" then any new people who join the forum will message you for the details and so on and so on


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Re: Book exchange - save the culture

Hi there, I'm from South Africa and I am very interested in Save the culture. I found out about it from Facebook as a friend put up a status on it. I then tracked Save the culture down and landed up here. I would love to chat to you about this initiative as I think it is a wonderful idea. I am also going to be taking part it and I would like to tell others about it as well as make sure you are credited with starting save the culture as some others are being credited with creating the initiative. I am a blogger and I believe credit should be given to the rightful person and I really would love to write an article about Save the culture as well as reference you for starting it.

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