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Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

Does anyone in this forum have experience on the Srilanka ETA transaction failure? I always use my credit card for online transaction but always failed when processing the payment. Called the bank already and seems all of feature needed has been activated by the bank.



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Re: Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

Have you tried again after notifying the bank? Or try with another credit card, but prior to the application notify the bank.

Here is some discussion on this

http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g2 … Lanka.html


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Re: Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

I'm trying to apply for an individual tourist ETA visa online, however both times i've tried it says 'Oh! Your transaction has failed'. I've tried to check the status of my application in case it has gone through but it says 'Invalid Passport or Confirmation Number found. Please Contact DI&E Agent for more Details.' I'm assuming that means it hasn't gone through.


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Chennai, India
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Re: Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

How much price this place


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Re: Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

I don't know if this has anything to do with your problem but some non essential online forms that I have filled out using Safari browser would not go through. I ended up downloading Firefox and the form would be fine. The suggestion about switching browsers was given to me from a service rep of one of the forms I was trying to fill out. I had trouble with 3 different forms and now always use Firefox. I have been able to fill in some forms when I use Safari but it was annoying to fill in one and have it not go through so I just stopped using it


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Re: Srilanka Visa Application Failure transaction

Sri Lanka visa is very easy then other countries.

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