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Travel Recommendations?

Hello Everybody,
I’m currently trying to decide where to travel this upcoming summer. I’m from The USA and will be starting my travels by visiting Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of May with my family. From there I will be going solo on the rest of my trip. I’ve been to many places and always enjoy visiting new countries/cities. I would prefer more budget friendly destinations that are preferably warmer and on the “up and coming��  side of the tourist spectrum.  I enjoy eating, drinking/nightlife, and just experiencing new cultures. Some places I was looking at will be going through Ramadan ( Morocco/UAE//Oman) would this effect traveling there much? I also was looking for some under the radar islands in SE Asia, but it is the rainy season, any new recommendations? Perhaps some spots in the Balkans? Any advice is very much appreciated, I’m just trying to get some more opinions from travel minded folks. Thank you very much!


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Re: Travel Recommendations?

For budget friendly destinations you can choice from: Romania, Hungary, Bulgary, Czech, Croatia, Poland. Summer is absolutely very warm and most of all you can enjoy eating, drinking and nightlife.

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Sarah Elaine
Manchester, England
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Re: Travel Recommendations?

How long have you got?  Remember that if you are interested in actually experiencing a place, not just ticking it off a list, the bare minimum is three nights.  You will lose a half day every time you move on, so one night means half a day, and two nights a single day, to experience somewhere.  Personally I'm a massive fan of spending as long as possible, but I know Americans are less lucky than Europeans when it comes to holiday time. 

Within Europe, the further south and east, as a rule, the cheaper.  By May, most of the continent will be pleasant and the south will be hot.  It's a good month; peak travel in Europe is August, so May is cheaper and less crowded.  All countries have quieter spots - even Spain, which is the big tourist behemoth around Barcelona and the Costa del Sol, has corners where there won't be much tourism at all - many of which will have great regional food and wine.  So I'd be careful not to rule out any country on those grounds alone.  If I was young and single I'd be considering Baltic Poland, for example - not as touristy as Krakow, not that well known outside Eastern Europe, but warm, cheap, and great beer.  And in Turkey, I went to Pamukale.  Pamukale is extremely touristy, but the nearby service town five minutes off the main drag was proper Turkey, with a night market and amazing cheap local food. 

As for Ramadan, it's going to depend where you are how big an impact it has.  In the very westernised or tourist friendly resorts, probably not that much - except of course there's only so friendly a waiter can be if you're eating steak and he has another 4 hours to sunset.  If you're serious about experiencing local culture, yes, it'll have an effect. I'd have a squint at the forums aimed at ex pats and see how much complaining they do about it - that might well be a good indicator.


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Jaipur, India
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Re: Travel Recommendations?

Hello People!! I want to just add in my recommendation for Travel. I live in Jaipur and its the must place to visit if you are planning to visit the North. If you require information related to your travel in Jaipur I would be more than happy to help....smile


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Couch Potato
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Re: Travel Recommendations?

Why not consider India? North of the country will be quite hot around the time you're planning to travel but there are plenty of great spots, particularly hill stations you can explore down south. Munnar in Kerala is a personal favorite. I'd also recommend Ooty and Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Goa is good too if you're looking for a beach vacay but expect it to be more than a bit crowded as it's VERY popular. Most of these places have good air connectivity so booking flights should be an easy deal for you.


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Re: Travel Recommendations?

If you are a flowers lover especially tulip flower then April is known as the best month to visit Amsterdam because Keukenhof flower garden is the world’s largest flower gardens in Amsterdam, Netherlands. So, I would suggest you visit Amsterdam this April. You can also get the best accommodations at a reasonable price in Amsterdam.


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Re: Travel Recommendations?

I agree with @shavy!!!You can visit Romania, Poland and Hungary. You will enjoy a lot there and if you have hired travel agent then it will help you because they know better which place is perfect for your needs and also they can save your time and money a lot.


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