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Experiences and transportation in Albania

I'm looking to spend a few days in Albania, mostly likely just Tirana, Berat, and Gjirokaster, and my research is turning up some chaotic results. It doesn't seem to be that easy to get around in Albania. I'm not sure if my time there will require more planning, or more letting it go and let the chips fall where they may.

Can anyone out there make suggestions on travel in, around, and out of Albania? I want to go in from Montenegro, and work my way south eventually heading to southern Greece. In this regard I am only looking for advice from people who have been to Albania and have traveled around independently.

And, of course, any non-transportation related suggestions for Albania are welcome too, but transportation is the most pressing issue.


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Re: Experiences and transportation in Albania

I've been there with my own car. All the other travellers I've seen on my trip had their own transportation (rented cars mostly). I cannot comment on public transportation, but at the very least it's slow and won't get you to the best parts of the country.


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Re: Experiences and transportation in Albania

I haven't been recently but it used to easy to get around. though the buses tended to leave early and stop running fairly early - so they would arrive while it was still light. So generally you should travel in the morning and not too late in the day.

If coming from montenegro you could catch a bus in ulcij to skoder and spend a night. it had a fairly interesting old castle just outside the city. from there it is easy to get to tirana in a couple of hours by bus.


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Re: Experiences and transportation in Albania

This site is quite good for transportation from Montenegro, probably also to Greece:
Tirana to Berat and Gjirokaster I did last June, look at my blog (Balkan) for more information (have at the moment only a iPhone with bad connection).


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Re: Experiences and transportation in Albania

Thank you ulis for the link to Balkan Viator. It does look like a good resource.

"BalkanViator is a provider of information on bus timetables, bus tickets, taxi services and ride-sharing"


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Re: Experiences and transportation in Albania

Travelling around Albania is easy enough when you work out where transport leaves from...but that is the big challenge in Tirana. It must be one of the few major cities in the world not to have a central bus station! Buses and furgons (minibuses) leave from different places around the city, and it is pot luck whether you meet someone who knows the right place or not. I asked in my hotel about buses to Berat, and three people gave three different answers, all wrong, until someone overheard and sent me to the right place. I went in 2016, and the roads are a lot better than they were on my first visit in 2008...once I'd found the bus, it only took about three hours to reach Berat. Getting back was a case of turning up at Berat's bus station and hoping for the best...didn't have to wait that long for a bus. Tickets you buy from the driver, so you can't really plan.

Leaving Albania, you'll notice lots of agencies around Tirana offering buses to cities in Greece, especially Ioannina (Yanina in Albanian). There's also the ferry to Corfu from Sarande.

From Montenegro (I did the trip in reverse), there are a couple of minibuses between Ulcinj and Shkoder, which is a place worth spending a day or two in. I took the train between Shkoder and Tirana, which might not be possible at the moment as they are rebuilding Tirana's train station.


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