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Camper truck traveling

I want to explore Central America during my vacation. I'm planning to rent a Camper(i would appreciate if you share a link to affordable ones). I have no experience in solo traveling but I'm sure it'd be cool. I want to get some valuable advice on how to make it memorable so that you can share your ideas. What are the most impressive places that you've visited?


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Re: Camper truck traveling

Sounds great. I'm sure it'll be adventurous.


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Re: Camper truck traveling

You can stay at campgrounds in Belize, but I have not seen such places in other places in Central America - maybe there are some in Panama


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Re: Camper truck traveling

Due to insurance purposes and liability, I honestly do not know of a company that would allow you to rent and then drive through all the Central American countries.   Depending on the length of your trip, it may work out to be more economical to simply buy a used camper from somewhere in the southwest states.  You may find cheaper in Mexico, but I don't know the difficulties in registering the vehicle as a foreign national.

How long a time do you plan to travel?  Where is your intended starting point?  You could spend months only in Mexico.  And personally I only have experience in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Panama.

And a word of caution, although the people there are friendly and hospitable, do be cautious to lock and secure your vehicle at all times.  There are many friendly faces there, but there is a true and tangible problem with opportunistic theft.  As example, even many of the cars that I drove came with lock bolts to place through the gear shifter.


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