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Booking a tour in Tibet


I plan on visting Tibet in October this year. To get around booking a guide via a official tour agency is necessary. They also organize your Tibet entry permit.

I read everywhere that you have to book that tour in advance of your trip to tibet, but I heard also people saying that you can save a lot of money booking your tour after the arrival in Lhasa.

Does anybody have experience booking a tibet tour? Is ist possible to go to Tibet by train witout any pro booked tour?

Thanks fpr your help.



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Re: Booking a tour in Tibet

Hi Luke.
To be able to go to Lhasa. You NEED a tour as the travel agent will arrange your TIBET PERMIT and other permit so you can go to Tibet or book a train or flight.  Without a TIbet permit, you are not allow to enter Tibet.

Yes, you have to book the tour in advance as Tibet is famous for being closed down and the tour cancell.

My tour was cancelled less than 24 hours as Tibet was closed by Chinese government.  The travel agent was pretty good, refunded the money - within 3 months time.

After several attempt to enter Tibet unsuccessfull,  finally I managed to go there. good luck. I do not remember what company I used last time.


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Re: Booking a tour in Tibet

Gingerbatik is right about Tibetan Autonomous Region. You can't get a permit unless you enter as a member of group tour.

By the way, the definition of "Tibet" is various. I count some other regions which is not within the area of TAR such as Abba & Kham in Sichuan Province and Amdo in Qinghai Province of China.
You can visit such areas without any permits. My recommendation is Tongren (Rebgong in Tibetan language) in Amdo as it's reachable very easily by local bus (just 2-3hrs drive from Xi'ning) and the nearby village is renouned as a village of artists and their works were quite outstanding.
http://blog.snowliontours.com/2012/06/r … %E0%BD%84/
Xiahe county in Gansu Province is also nearby and it was also very beautiful and it was also very accessible by bus.
https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attrac … abrang.htm

I also visited Kham in Sichuan Province in 2013. I wrote a blog about it.


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Couch Potato
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Re: Booking a tour in Tibet

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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