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Budapest trip anyone?

Interested in travelling to budapest either as an individual trip or combine a few places over 2 weeks (maybe april next year so weather is ok! but flexible) to sightsee, the castle, parliament building, ruin bars, baths etc or any other ideas welcome

I like to explore, take pictures etc, Plan to stay in either hostel or air bnb, new to solo travel so if anyone else wants to meetup to travel if their friends can't/won't then get in touch smile


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Re: Budapest trip anyone?

Budapest city is Beautiful especially around the river. That is where most sites are. Depend what part of city you are exercise precautions otherwise it is relatively safe. Been there few times enjoyed it. You are simply next door don't worry enjoy it

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Re: Budapest trip anyone?

I am interested in traveling to Budapest with you. I'm in Warsaw now. We can meet in Warsaw anytime in the beginning on November, and travel to Budapest.


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Re: Budapest trip anyone?

Hello All!
I 'am very much interested in traveling to Budapest. Would like to travel alone. So, is there something I need to know before planning my trip. Any one help with the things that we can do.


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Re: Budapest trip anyone?

Yeah, I am interested If you want to make a meet, kindly drop me a line.

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