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Long layover in Helsinki

I have 2 upcoming trips through Helsinki in December and January. Any suggestions on what i can do in a day in Helsinki in December and January? I think the tours are all closed in the winters.


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

you can wonder around the town and go to the cafe if it is getting too cold.


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

Helsinki is a beautiful city and would be very pleasant to stroll around providing you wrap up warm


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

I was in Helsinki for a few days in December and January last year. It was cold, and began to snow, but that's sort of why we went...to see a proper winter. Helsinki is nice, but more beautiful when the snow falls. All the attractions are still there in winter time...the markets, the churches, the museums. You can also take a ferry out to Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on an island in the bay, about 20 minutes away...as well as the fortress, people live there so the ferries run all year round.

Maybe we can recommend more if we know how long you have on your stopovers?


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Sounds like it won't be such a bad layover after all. I will be there for 11.5 hours (morning 8.30 to evening 8) on my onward trip and 23 hours on my way back (2PM to 1PM).

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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

Try a sauna on both stopovers. On way back, you can just book a central hotel with a sauna.


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki

On the way back you could take the ferry to Tallinn for a different experience.  2 hrs each way.


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Re: Long layover in Helsinki


Depending on your dates:
- visit Helsinki Christmas market
- try Free Christmas sauna (open aprox December 9th to 22nd right in the city center and quite autentic experience)
- Lux Hesinki festival (beginning if January)
- Allas sea pool (open in winter) - swim outside and have a sauna with great harbr view


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